Thursday, November 20, 2014

Last day at the beach, oh my!

This was one of five Rays I spotted this morning at the beach.  We had a couple of early morning short rain storms and then got to the beach rather early.
The rays had come in closer to the beach to feed.
They are quite harmless and if you stand still or shuffle your feet they ignore you. The Angle fish on the other hand are relentless at rubbing against your legs, like cats. They want you to stir up the sand so they can eat whatever it is they eat then. If you ignore them they bump you. Trust me, even standing in beautiful turquoise, clear, warm water getting bumped in the back of the thigh makes you jump.
Now, below is some input from John. He has been part of a tennis team for years. Since boys will be boys they all have nicknames for each other and his is El Q. Don't ask, I have no idea why. This is his report to his tennis team on his vacation so far. I thought you might get a kick out of it. I certainly did.

John's Vacation Diary

Saturday, November 16
El's first day at the beach. He is sitting quietly, listening to the sound of the waves gently lapping the shore, novel in hand, when he looks up and to his amazement, 

This was a form of transportation not previously envisioned by El Q, even in his (best) dreams. Quiet, efficient, and the only fuel requirement a rum punch. For an extended trip, maybe two rum punches. And the beauty part: zero carbon emissions!
El set about that very evening explaining to Mrs. Q the potential benefits of this new way of getting El from point A to point B.  Always a stickler for preparation, El had created several charts on white board to aid in the process.  How could any reasonable person, and Mrs. Q has always been very reasonable, fail to agree?
Mrs. Q's response was short and to the point, and, it pains El to report, reflected very negatively both on El's intelligence and on his ancestry.  However, by later in the evening, Mrs. Q  had reconsidered, and admitted there was something fundamentally sound in the idea, subject only to slight modification.  
Sunday, November 17

Rome wasn't built in a day.  El set about that evening presenting to Mrs. Q what he identified as "Plan B." This involved arranging with the young woman from the previous day a "charter" of sorts, she being the Captain of the charter, El Q being the happy (paying, if necessary) passenger. Mrs. Q considered Plan B carefully, and made her decision.
Monday, November 18

Plan B having been declared by Mrs. Q a "non-starter," El set about developing Plan C. Plan C was a lot like plan B, except in Plan C, El becomes the happy Captain of the charter (paying if necessary) while the young woman becomes the passenger. This relieves Mrs. Q of any obligation in the matter, while serving as a potential weight loss plan for El Q (he was even willing to waive the rum punch in the interests of greater calorie burn).
Mrs. Q admitted that Plan C had a certain attractiveness. She agreed to "take Plan C under advisement," have it "vetted by my people," and get back to El Q with a response "in due course."
Tuesday, November 19

El Q can only note that Plan C's chances of approval are diminishing with each passing day. On a brighter note, he feels that the 3+ hours a day of this activity must soon pay big dividends in the weight loss area.
As for Mrs. Q? She just laughs and says to "tell them that the towing will continue until morale improves," whatever that means?

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