Saturday, October 25, 2014

Time to put it to rest.

Gorgeous day, absolutely almost SPRING LIKE. We started the day off with a trip across town to the Jet Room, a public restaurant across the runway from the airport. I've lived in Madison for over 45 years and I didn't know it even existed! Great food and we sat next to the windows and watched the small private planes take off.
Then home to tackle those end of the season chores.
I had the honor of having Bat Girl helping me with spreading compost on the cleared garden beds.
We spread ashes, no not John's over the garden beds and took discarded annuals, in the cart to the "far back and beyond" for dumping.
After supper we took a drive out to Waunakee, the only Waunakee in the world, or so the sign says. We were going to experience the Schumacher Farm Scary Hayride and Etc.
Riley and Grandpa got into the old Halloween dress up box out in the barn. She found her outfit to wear for tonight. I'm not sure if it's politically correct anymore to dress up like an American Indian but since there are some in Peter Pan we decided it would work. I think she really liked the outfit because of the long braids. The girl just really wants braids.

They do it up right for the folks. Parking in organized and directed by volunteers in the field, you walk up the hill to be greeted by being in dark robes, dead farmers on their tractors, grave yard diggers who offer to dig a grave for you, the local high school band, playing music in one of the barns and the wonderful bonfire with lots of hay bales around it for seating.
The hay wagon was filled with hay bales and pulled by an old farmer on top of a huge old jugging tractor. We wound around the farm on a path, occasionally having high school volunteers, jump up from the grasses and scream and wave their arms around in the air. The little kids loved it.
We took one happy, popcorn, hot chocolate filled little Indian Maiden home and watched Happy Feet.
Not a bad day at all, nope, not a bad day at all.

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