Monday, October 20, 2014

Just look down and turn that frown upside down.

You have to understand the backstory. For almost nine years in my 50's I couldn't wear any shoes that had a closed heel.  Until I had heel surgery at 59 it was just to painful to have anything bumping against the back of my foot.  I wore nice German made clogs. They were great for my posture and back but hard on the pocketbook.
Then I decided to have the foot surgery before I had my knees replaced. Seemed like the right sequence of events. The foot surgeries required me to stay off of them for six weeks which made me appreciate the joys of a wheelchair. 
Feet fixed, knees fixed I enjoyed wearing my  new New Balance sneakers and all kinds of nice flats some sparklie and some not. 
These past eight months of walking around with an unstable knee made me only want to wear sturdy shoes. Flip flops and sandals were unreliable in my mind. Since I really didn't know what the problem was with my leg/knee taking a "funny" step could lead to me being upside down on the ground very quickly.
Now, the problem is solved.  The new knee is six weeks into becoming a faint memory. I have found myself looking at shoes again.
First pair to join the old shoes in the closet was a pair of bright red ballet flats. A shoemaker I met once in Williamsburg told those of us watching him make a shoe, that every woman should own a pair of red shoes.
 Hey, I take my beliefs from a variety of people.
The second pair I ordered on line. A very risky proposition but I fell in love with them when they popped up on my laptop screen.
I mean what is not to love about graffiti shoes?
These are made by Alegria.
They are just as bright and colorful as the picture and actually very comfortable to wear.
I expect that I will seldom hear, "Hey, nice shoes" when I wear them but when I do I will know a kindred spirit.
They are fun.  They make me smile when I look down at my feet. I don't ask much of my clothes or shoes, only that they fit, don't make me uncomfortable or hurt. Some days it seems like there is hardly a laugh or a giggle in your day. Life, people drama and expectations seem to make their demands on you.

 It's nice when your shoes can make you smile.


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  1. What fabulous shoes! I'm glad to hear your feet and knees are feeling better. I agree with the shoemaker, every woman should have a pair of red shoes, I do!