Saturday, October 18, 2014

Chasing the sunset, or not.

A gorgeous fall day, we finished an early supper and decided to grab one last "chasing the sunset" drive.
Riley, John and I piled into the car, chattering about which direction we should head when it was obvious that all of us wanted to head for dessert in New Glarus. I mean what's a fall drive if not to get ice cream?
The color on the trees has been beautiful this fall.  I guess we have had the right conditions.
Riley is learning her trees by what color their leaves turn in fall. Admittedly we have only really covered, Maples, Oaks, Birch and Quaking Aspen but she's gotten pretty good and matching color to tree.

We watched the turkey hens cross the road, prompting a round of bad jokes about why they needed to get to the other side.

We sat on the small bridge, motor off and listened with our "deer ears" for the sound of the water rushing over the rocks. We must have had too much rain because it was absolutely quite.

We really hadn't gotten out of our neighborhood, maybe five minutes from the house when I looked back at Riley.....
One minute she's the giggling, five year old and next sound asleep. Her power nap doesn't last long maybe 10 minutes before she is wide awake and asking if we are there yet.

Not yet, sweetie, can Grammie ever have enough photos of her favorite barns and oaks?

At last we arrive at the ice cream store. Lucky for us it is still open. 

A stop at the local park for a brisk playtime. With the sun going down the temperature now drops down to 50 degrees.
This is after all a "chasing the sunset drive" so we head the car towards the beautiful setting sun and home.
Another beautiful end to a long day full of chores, errands and this and that.
As Riley is going to bed I hear her ask Joey, the kitten if he had a good day. "I had a good day, Joey.
In fact I had a GREAT day."
That's really all we can ask for isn't it? 
I hope you had a great day. I hope all your days ahead are great.  :)Bea

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