Monday, September 15, 2014

Slipping slideways.

Thanks for the good thoughts and wishes folks. It is always great to know that there is wonderful positive energy out there in the Universe headed in your direction.
I've continues to push forward with my own set of mini goals.  The walker has been folded up. I still use the compression stocking, as unpleasant as it is, during the day. There's one thing that I really look forward to doing at bedtime is taking that thing off.
I cut the grass this weekend. We went out for morning coffee with Riley and dinner on Sunday night. I did laundry, household chores and remembered to rest.
Apparently, though, today my body said, "WHOA, COWGIRL!! What the #$^&!" And so I slept most of the day. Couldn't have kept my eyes opened if I had wanted to.  I would sleep two hours, get up walk around, drink my water and flop back on the sofa and fall back into a dead sleep.

John couldn't remember the saying but there was something in his mind about how long your recovery is depending on how many minutes you were in surgery.
Well, I can't dwell on that thought.  I slept and now I feel rested and if I sleep again, it's what it is. It's not like I can go anywhere.

I'm sure the PT person who came to evaluate me was kidding, I'm sure she was kidding although she said it with a straight face, "You know you can't go anywhere for the first two weeks except to the doctor's office, the hairdresser and church."

She was kidding, right?

I'm yawning again, oh dear, what can the matter be...........

Anyway, as soon as the staples are out and I am back to driving myself and back to the gym then look out..........move out of my way I will be zooming.

One of the things that I discovered as I reflected on things, in my wakeful state, was the amount of time that anything new requires of me.  I've decided that although the new phones are sparklie and pretty and have ever so many things that can be done with them I'm not going to get one.  I really do like not being available. 

I'm also, well I have been for the past couple of months, cutting back on my computer time. It's quite addictive.  I really find I look at and read more about things that I'm not sure I even need to know about. Every time I open my computer it takes me away from something else. So, I don't comment as much or at all, I don't read things that don't really interest me or add to the importance of my day.
And, yes, as one friend once pointed out to me, this is rather self centered behavior but time is very short. I've been frustrated this past 8 months on how just some pain can slow me down. Add anything to the equation and things that I feel I MUST DO, HAVE TO DO, NEED TO DO just slip to the side.
So, technology is going to take a slight blow from me. I promise not to fall back into the dark ages.
Now, it's off for another nap. I will give it today but tomorrow I have things I want to do. Yup, that's the spirit, you tell your body more slacking.............................yawn............sigh......


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