Monday, September 29, 2014

It's official, THE LAST DAY IN THE POOL, for sure!

Probably every household has a favorite movie that their children wanted to watch over and over and over and well, you get what I mean.
I remember Hayden, when she was very little wanted to watch Monster's Inc. over and over. 
In our house, Grandpa like to watch Madagascar III over and over and as Riley says, "Grandpa I think this makes 106 times we have watched this!"And, she may be right.

I have to say, though, in his defense, it is a very funny movie and I know I've quoted lines from it maybe on a daily basis.

What you are looking at above is probably the last day in the pool for the year.  The water temperature had gotten up to 79/80 degrees and my two polar bears deemed it warm enough to spend time in.

And, of course, using a child's size hula hoop they acted out one of their favorite scenes from Madagascar.


And, the grownup man dove in the deep end through the child's size hula hoop much to the delight of his granddaughter. They took turns doing this for longer than I had the patience to watch.

Despite their cheerful calls to me to "Come on in the water's fine." I decided to take a pass.

We decided to take Riley to the Riley Tavern for a pancake breakfast on Sunday. The tavern is located right on the Military Ridge Bike Trail and a favorite stopping place for bike riders both foot powered and gas. It's located in the town of Riley although I'm not sure it's Incorporated or even is on a map.
The tavern is small and old but has a large open deck and thankfully doesn't smell of old beer and other nasty smells.
We had pumpkin, chocolate chip, buttermilk and blueberry pancakes, orange juice and coffee, strong enough to clean the pipes of your entire house, all for $18.00.
We sat at a large table and had a nice conversation with a man about out age and his 88 year old mother. I think it's nice for Riley to see that people can sit down with perfect strangers and eat and have a conversation.
I know that when John and I travel and he has to do something early in the morning, when I go to have breakfast I will often look around the room and if I see a woman eating by herself I will ask her if she would like some company. I think people are surprised by it and they certainly can say they prefer to be alone but it's never happened to me. I've had some wonderful conversations with people while enjoying our breakfast.
I remember one lovely woman in California that shared her dreams of retiring to the south and opening her own restaurant.  That was twenty years ago, I hope her dreams came true.  She was so excited and passionate about talking about them. 
Seldom do we have an opportunity to even share those with people.
The Ragtag Craft/Art fair was small.  Very small.
There were just seven tents/booths and the quality and assortment of items sketchy. And, with the Packers-Bears game about to start I'm afraid their sales were not very high.
We see Riley every weekend and yet I am always surprised at how much she has grown or matured over just a week. Time really does go by quickly doesn't it?
It's been three weeks now since my knee surgery and things are moving along on what I consider a good schedule. I am getting more bend each day. I note how comfortable it is for me to keep my foot flat on the floor while sitting in a chair. The aches and pains from the surgery itself have disappeared. The scar is looking much better. All in all a successful end to a frustrating time.
Surprisingly, I am still at the weight I was before my knee gave out on me so I feel good about getting back on my weight loss/exercise lifestyle. Cracks me up to say lifestyle. It's a must do and yes a choice but there are other choices I would rather make.
Anywho, this is probably the last warm day of a beautiful fall.  The rain and colder temperatures are on the way.  I will cut the grass, not for the last time but getting close. Start cleaning up the garden and getting it ready for winter.
The witch decoration, the one that flew into the tree is up. Riley and Grandpa did that this weekend.  They also sprayed one of the metal wind yard art pieces aqua and then silver glitter. Both of them had glitter all over their faces for the rest of the day.

Saw this gorgeous moth on the railing. Unfortunately it was dead. I'll have to look up what kind it is.
Alright, I'm off to the studio for the first time in ages.
Not ready to start on any of my projects but I promised Riley I would look for her art smock and finish it so she could take it in to school. Just trying to find where I put the bag with it in should take me awhile.  I'm sure it's in a "safe but obvious" place.

Have a creative day!

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