Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hello again.

Almost a month, a lot has happened and changes are in the wind.
First on the TO DO LIST was to evaluate where I was in the problem of identifying what was wrong with my right knee.  Why was it still swollen, why was it still unstable and why had all the doctors and PT people been unable to help me.
The only thing to do was to start at the beginning and take it up a notch.
I went back to the Orthopedic Surgeons office and asked to have an appointment with a SPECIALISTS.
Key word here folks.  
I felt this results of some "injury" second week of December 2013.  I saw someone at the surgeons office the last week of January 2014. She looked at my x-ray and announced that there was nothing wrong with the artificial knee that I had.

January for eight months......... because the person reading the x-ray and the NP that also read the x-ray didn't really LISTEN to me or LOOK carefully at the x-ray they didn't see the hairline displacement between the bone and the adhesive/cement. 

And, for 8 months it was all downhill, sometimes actually really down when the knee would wobble in the socket and I would loose my balance and fall.

So, this time around I asked to see a specialists which moved me up a notch in the chain. My PA, Seth studied my swollen knee, looked at the new x-ray and announced that something was definitely going on and now we would start to eliminate things.
He took the x-ray  next door for the surgeon, Dr. Lemon to see and came back in a second to say, "No need for a series of test, Dr. Lemon saw exactly what was wrong when he looked at the x-ray."

Apparently, and this is the word from the surgeon's office, it happens that bones will shrink. ....... .....
I'm going to just leave that whole thing alone.

For eight months, the adhesive/cement has been crumbling away and my poor tissues not knowing what the heck to do with this stuff that doesn't belong in my body, absorbed it, created a mess and the body just threw fluid around it all hoping to make things better or go away.

I know there is a more professional way to describe that whole process but that's the jest of it.

So, without knowing the problem I continued doing what I do, stepping wrong, climbing up and down hills, gardening and all with the lower part of the artificial knee joint just wobbling around in the socket not secure at all.  I think I have earned a Weeble t-shirt now. Well maybe not because I did fall down.

I certainly didn't do anymore damage to it in those eight months, I just had a miserable, painful time trying to walk.

The nice thing about getting a LABEL on something is you then have some idea how to treat it, deal with it and understand it.
This doesn't happen very often people.  So those of you with replacement knees please don't panic, BUT if you do find you have swollen knees and you have an artificial knee please see a SPECIALISTS.  Again, that's the key word and I will never forget it for any other problem I might have.

I had a REVISION, don't you love it? Revision, like you need to erase something and redo it. I had a revision/surgery last Friday. A normal surgery for a knee replacement usually runs about 45 minutes I am told.  Mine took two hours as they cleaned out all the mess in there, replaced the artificial knee with a nicer, newer, better constructed knee joint.  Seven years does tend to give them time to build a better mouse trap.

It's been a week, I'm walking fine, slightly stiff but better than I did before the surgery. The walker has been folded up and put in the closet to donate to some third world country that needs medical supplies.

The staples come out next Thursday and then I can hit the pool and start my own intensive PT.

And, what comes out of all of this besides another great new knee?  A forced chance to sit back and look at my life. Direction, intent, purpose and of course balance.

Sitting in a comfy chair with your leg propped up gives you an opportunity to evaluate what you want to do, why you haven't done it, what's holding you back and what you need to do to move forward.

Balance is about to be restored to my life.  It wasn't terribly off kilter but my physical body certainly reflected the uncertainty of maintaining good balance.

The wired world does play a big part in some of those changes.


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  1. Thinking of you Bea and glad you are on the road to recovery. It's a good thing to re-examine our lives every once and awhile isn't it? Hugs!