Thursday, August 07, 2014

Rainbows and Kittens and bright shinny things or maybe just KITTENS!

Kitten, babies, puppies, they make everybody forget about things, right? So, feast your eyes on the new additions to our family, NewCleo or Cleo2 or simply Cleo depending on who is talking about her and Joey.
Both three  months old when we got them two weeks ago. Just about the time I seem to have disappeared from the blogging world.
I know some of you where playing Where In The World Is Bea but I was right here at Dog In The Hole, adjusting to new kittens and my children and grandchildren descending on us for a week. 
We kept the kittens in the master bedroom where they spend their nights in the master bathroom. The two rooms a BIG change from their little, cozy kennel cage at PetSmart.
They came from the Jefferson Humane Society and although Riley and I were just looking for one kitten we decided their was no way we could separate those two when they were so bonded. We also thought from the way the information signs were written that they were brother and sister. 
Although they had been together since they were two weeks old they were dropped off at different times.
I find it hard to understand who would take a two week old kitten away from it's mother but that's another issue.
The grandchildren had a wonderful time playing with them.
Louie, on the other hand didn't quite understand why we felt it necessary to get kittens AT ALL.

We decided to treat the grandchildren this time with a Bouncy Princess Castle. We had six kids taking turns
bouncing around in that thing for three days. Probably the best investment next to the pool. They burned off a lot of energy in there.
Here is James with his two, Rory and Curran.
Shari, Hunter, Justin, Rory and Sawyer enjoying the hot tub.
And, the meeting of the Special Hot Tub Secret Society Club or something like that with Grandpa, Sawyer, Rory, Curran and Riley. It involved secret handshakes, blasting off to outer space and much more. But, since I wasn't a member I really don't have any idea what was going on.
Grammy spent most of her time either cooking, picking up wet towels off of good wood chairs, navigating around three dogs and a pissed off cat and hacking and sounding a lot like Lauren Bacall. That is until the voice just went. Poof, gone. It's very hard to give directions, suggestions, orders or requests when all you can do is wave your hands around and squeak like Minnie Mouse.
They all went home after having what I hope was a wonderful vacation. We certainly enjoyed it except for the Louie issue. I was left with a cough, stuffed up sinuses and a voice that now sounded like an old time smoker. 
This summer I've spent most of my time getting my gardens back in shape. 
The Spring rain and a lot of attention has turned my flower and vegetable garden around. 

One of my favorite and the first garden I put in is my fern and hosta garden. 
You can barely see the beautiful art statue, of a young woman in the ferns. But, she's why I call this garden, Lady of the Ferns Garden. Original, huh?
I just find the shade, the textures and shades of green very relaxing. The sound of the little fountain just makes me smile. It's a pleasant sound for the guest in the back bedroom to hear.
So, as you can see I'm still here, just playing in the dirt and playing with the kittens, grandchildren and Murphy.
By the end of August I will be finished with taking care of the gardens and the trails. I will be ready to focus my energies and attention back in the studio. I promise. :)Bea

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