Saturday, August 16, 2014

I'm a little teapot, short and stout...........

You can tip me over and pour me out because I'm full of STEAM as the song goes.

Imagine a grown man, a man of "certain years", a man in a business suit, nice car, well styled gray hair,
casually, TOSSING HIS McDonald's BAG out his passenger window as he drives down the road.

Imagine a grown woman of "certain years", in her workshop clothes, not as nice a car but a clean inside car, not a gray hair in sight, thank you Natasha, in the car behind said man.

If you know that grown woman you know she got STEAMED. ROYALLY STEAMED.

I won't excuse teenagers when they do something dumb like that, I hope that as they get older they develop better ethics.


Sadly, or perhaps for his entertainment he was followed all the way to Epic by a GLARING, woman of a "certain age" HONKING her horn and shouting at him at every STOP SIGN. "Throw your garbage in the trash can, you pig!"  

Hey, you do something really stupid in front me me then you can expect something stupid from me.

It either made his day, embarassed him or he had his music turned up and didn't hear a thing. But, I felt better and really, isn't that all that counts?


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