Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Let's take a drive.

I love to go for drives in the early evening, in the country. John and I call them "chasing the sunset" drives. 
And, I'm biased because I absolutely love the scenery where I live. And, you could be looking at parts of New York state, Pennsylvania, Virginia, France (sadly, I've never been to France) or perhaps another agricultural area. That's probably why I feel comfortable living here. It reminds me of places I have lived or visited and loved.
After a nice dinner at the Grumpy Troll on Saturday night, John, Riley and I decided to take a drive to find fudge. Ok, one of us wanted to find fudge and two of us wanted ice cream. 
We handed the GPS off to Riley with the voice of "Bruce" from down under. She would navigate us to New Glarus from Mt. Horeb. 
The back roads are wonderful with twisty turns. With the valleys you get truck warning signs about steepness and braking and a great roller coaster like ride. Riley reminds me as we get to the top of a hill to put my arms up and shout "wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee" as we travel down the road. 
You seldom see run down or abandoned farm buildings on this particular drive. Most of the farms have been in the family for generations. 

The Fudge Shop was closed when we finally arrived in New Glarus.  Lucky for us the ice cream shop, was open and full of customers. Jitterbug music played outside, John and Riley got to sit on the cow bench and Riley and I did a little dancing to the music.

There was no sunset to see on the drive home. Clouds rolled in as they have been doing for the past month.
We had our beautiful day and great drive. Time to go home and let the rain come and make the grass grow.

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