Sunday, July 20, 2014


 Since I am on a gardening roll I've been hefting, with my trusty pitchfork, piles of much bark into the tractor wagon. I can usually do about thirty before my shoulder starts to twinge. I have a truck load, a BIG truck load delivered at the beginning of spring. It's a huge mound that slowly gets used up. Because it takes me most of the summer to get it all distributed around the gardens, snakes always take up residence in the pile. 
I am aware of this so I proceed with caution.  We aren't talking big, BIG snakes here and even though I'm not really afraid of snakes I don't like surprises.

My first wagon load while scooping the mulch into my bucket to spread under the rose bushes I discovered a rather LARGE toad.  He blended in perfectly with the mulch. I carefully loaded him into my bucket and released him into the garden. 

Pitching mulch, scooping mulch, spreading mulch don't really require the rest of the 98% of my brain so I fall into a Zen life state. I find myself humming OMMMMmmmmmm to myself and going through the motions on rote.

Back to the mulch pile, to fill up the wagon again. I really do try to watch the load on the pitchfork. I certainly don't want a snake flinging itself off the pitchfork at me!

I'm now half way down the garden bed scooping and spreading when out of the bucket comes Mr. or maybe Ms. Snake. Still in my Zen state I watch contentedly as it slithers into the garden. "You go girl and eat some bad bugs for me."

Eat, EAT,  EAT!!!!!!! ACk  my brain has now engaged or at least 50% of it has and I remember the toad I just released into the same garden. 

Oh, no no no, not on my watch.  Toad is NOT lunch for you.  I frantically look around for toad, who now blends in perfectly with the mulch. I do not want to be responsible for delivering fast food to the snake.

I run, ok lope back to the other end, now thinking I'll get the snake back into the bucket. And, this is why you shouldn't drive or make major decisions in life after meditating. The brain seems to bypass the logic center for a bit.

Both snake and toad are gone at least to my eyes.

Disgusted with myself I head back into the house for lunch. The whole adventure has made me hungry.


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