Saturday, July 19, 2014

BE VERY VERY QUIET................

It's been, as usual a very busy two weeks. I admit that I have been buying and planting a lot of perennial plants to fill in spaces in the gardens. With that investment I've been trying very hard not to let any of them die before I get them planted. Since I have been rather obsessed with this project I can honestly say I am glad that I am seeing LAST WEEKEND TO BUY PLANTS on local Nursery signs. Once they close their doors I won't be tempted to just pop another special grass or perennial flower into the soil.
I am rather pleased with how pretty the gardens do look. I owe Mother Nature a bow because our early spring rains that kept coming and coming really helped produce some luscious foliage. 

I've continued to have my myofascial massage treatments. Three so far to date and for me and whatever injury I did to my right lower leg while exercising, on the treadmill, this type of alternate treatment is working. I have a wonderful massage therapist working on me. There is an interactive dialogue going between us about what I am experiencing, my pain levels and what thoughts I might be having. I can honestly say that I haven't experienced any pain in the process.  I have felt instant results with mobility and flexibility after deep pressure has been applied to tighten muscles.

Our weather, so far this summer has been quite lovely. Cool evenings and warm days, makes for great sleeping weather and good outside working days.

I wish my sleeping was better. My doctor tells me it's quite normal for older people to take "naps" at night. Sleep a couple of hours, get up, go back to bed, sleep again a couple of hours and so on. I just have to hope that during these rather short sleeping sessions I manage to drop down into that deep sleep stage.

On another topic, it's not a whim. We, John, Riley and I have been tossing around the idea of getting another cat. We miss Cleo, probably the only three people in the world that do and I know despite their strange relationship to each other, Louie misses her too. He has certainly become more clingy to me.

So, on a whim, ok, the actual action was a whim, Riley and I decided to stop into Petsmart after the DIYStore. They have cats that are available for adoption from nearby Humane Societies. The hope is that when they are more visible to the public the public will be more receptive to adopting one.
I suspect it really doesn't work unless you are looking specifically for a cat.
We hit the jackpot, a box of 3 month old kittens had been dropped off at a Humane Society, located between Madison and Milwaukee. They in turn farmed the kittens out to our West side Petsmart. Riley and I studied all six kittens, two to a cage. We ooooooh and aaaaaaahed but in the end there was no doubt between us which kitten we would like to take home with us. The only question was one or two?
The first cage held two that we fell in love with, a little all black female and a gray and white male. We really just went through the motions with the others.

I downloaded the five page questioner from the Humane Society, I answered the questions and I know they have to ask them and I know there are strange people out there that want to adopt. But, some of the questions.........well.......How much do you plan to spend on your pet in the upcoming year?
Well, as much as it takes! Is there really any other answer?
The Petsmart employees faxed our test answers and told us to plan to wait perhaps a week or so. 

Today, one day later, the call came.  We could pick up the brother and sister kittens tomorrow, if we liked.

Oh, yeah, forgot to mention that. I told John, how can I separate those two, they were curled up in a ball together, sleeping. 

Riley got to name the little girl kitten and John the boy.
Are you ready?   Tomorrow, the first pictures of
ABBY and JOEY NEAL, ta da!

Ok, let's see what else is new......nope I've got nada.
Can't really top that last bit of news.

Justin and family will be coming down for a week this upcoming Thursday and James and his family arrive on Saturday for the week.

Twelve people, three dogs, one confused seven year old cat and two 3 month old kittens in one house. Oh, yes and a cockatiel that won't die, too.   You did hum that all, right?


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