Friday, June 27, 2014


Welcome back to those of you that have come back from the Writing In The Margins. I have closed that blog. All future mutterings by Bea will be here, uttered in the Studio.

Today, I'm doing a first for me.  I'm sitting in my favorite coffee cafe, True Coffee and using my laptop.
Just like all the other people that look so important.
Actually, I'm killing some time before I go pick up Linda and we head downtown for a meeting with the Overture Center for the Arts people. We are going to be going over the three page information and installation guidelines, seeing the gallery space and hopefully going for lunch.

Lunch is the big draw for me the rest is BLAH, BLAH, BLAH stuff. I was really hoping that the Overture Center would actually hang our work. Since they don't at least we have enough experience to get it done correctly.

After lunch I hope to be able to coax Linda to wander over to the Art store. I just know there is something there calling my name. I can hear the whispers.

Today is Riley's 5th birthday.  Grandpa and I ordered pizzas for her new classmates. It was suggested that we round out their lunch with a bag of carrots.  Kind of like feeding little ponies. I left the bag of carrots up to her mother to drop off.  Me, I think pizza is a well rounded meal.

Tonight we are going out to dinner at Quivey's Grove and hopefully get seated upstairs under the Buffalo head.  It happens to be Riley's favorite place.  She is waiting for the day she is tall enough to actually pet the Buffalo head. Since I can't reach it we have a while to go.

I noticed on the information sheet that Overture is going to require pictures of the work we will be putting in the show by September 15th. I guess as soon as I get the rest of my plants in the ground and after Justin and family come down for the 4th of July weekend I better buckle down and get busy in the studio.

I have been making a list of ideas and potential artists that I feel have inspired me over the past couple of years. 

I had my second massage yesterday with Becky.  If you have been following the other blog you would have read about my experience. Check it out if you are interested, the blog still exists I'm just not posting there anymore.

I have to say, last night was a little rough, my body could feel the effects of the work she had done. Finding a comfortable spot took some time but when I did sleep I have to say it was a good deep sleep.
This morning I can honestly say that I feel like I have a much more even, normal walk. I feel like there is a better chance for healing now that I have relaxed the muscles that have been supporting the injury.

Ok, off to pick up Linda. I hope you all have a creative day.  It's a glorious day here. Murphy was extremely excited to get to puppy daycare.  It seems he has plans or special friends he wants to see.

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