Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Inspiration is all around you.

There is something to be said about the ability to NEVER be bored. Boring I may be to some people but I can honestly say that I just don't get bored. There is always an opportunity to explore something new, think about possible projects, take pictures of odd things not knowing if and when they might be of use, especially when you are creeping along on a major highway, bumper to bumper for what seems like hours. 
Of course if you haven't any interests, hobbies, passions or loves that don't involve humans or animals it might be tougher. 

While sitting and waiting for traffic to move on the highway to Chicago I was watching the people waiting on the platforms for the CTAs. It occurred to me that they were all standing in interesting positions and from where I was they seemed to be in silhouette.
After snapping a few different photos from different platforms I think I got some interesting forms. Ideas began to perk about using them in a piece with my building pictures.

The second were the drip lines, from the rain, on the concrete walls. They were the kind of thing that as I stared out the window at them I could see the dark lines then my eyes would shift to the light areas and how they looked like a skyline or mountain landscape.

What I did look at for a while and I could kick myself for NOT taking any pictures were cracked concrete walls under bridges. I was thinking about grafetti at that point and amazed at the lack of it but what I wish I had been thinking of was a book I recently looked at that had you drawing "strange animals" from the shapes you find in the cracks.
Do you see why I am seldom bored?

What struck me this time, looking at buildings were the arrangements of the windows. The different sizes, lengths, heights, widths between. I was seeing grids all over the place. 

So, I am off now, in the drizzle to see what I can find on Michigan Avenue. There is always something if you have an open mind and curiosity.

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