Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Forty-five down how many more to go?

Heck, this was well into the marriage, maybe 15 years or so. It's not how we look at 45 years down the road together.  But, then lots of things change. Hungry, Hungry the local eatery is long gone with it's giant farmer's blue jean overalls as it's logo. The mustache turned gray and looked better gone. The grocery store where I shopped for years has now been torn down for a retirement home. 
I drive by the University and see buildings I watched them put up when I worked at the U, now being torn down and replaced with bigger, fancier and new names from rich donors.
I'm not adverse to change.  Some of it seems to come rather quickly and some seems to drag on forever. Epic continues to build and build.  In winter I can see their lights through the bare trees. I'm glad for the summer foliage and the sense that I am living in the country and not near a mini city.
Our marriage has certainly changed. It takes work to readjust your attitudes, learn how to compromise, give a little, demand a little, learn how to share, put the oxygen mask on someone else first. 
You learn how to grab hold of his hand when one of your children takes you on a wild ride in life and you wonder if you will ever make it through it. 
You learn how to appreciate the little things, the thoughtful things that your partner does and overlook the "elephant in the room" things that you can't understand how they couldn't see that.
Forty-five years means you have paid some dues. You've worked through some issues, given up on others, learned to ignore some and given more hugs, just because.
I know lots of relationships just don't make it. It's a very fine line sometimes. So far ours has. 
He knows how to make me laugh. Not a lot of people can do that. I tend to find the quirky humorous not the obvious.
Here's to TWENTY MORE SUMMERS, old man.

:)Your old lady

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