Monday, June 30, 2014

An afternoon of sunshine and fun for a worthy cause.

I happened to stop in at the market on Sunday morning and picked up the local press and saw that a local farm was having a special event that day.
I suggested to John and Riley that we go out to the farm to enjoy a walk in their garden, have some home-made cookies and ice cream and bid at a pie auction, all to raise money for the local food pantry.

I think I had them at the word home made cookies. Since Grammybea has been working on a different eating life style homemade sweets haven't been seen around the house.

We piled into the car, neither John or I saying anything about Riley's personal choice of outfit. Except for asking me to braid her hair for her she said nothing about why she wanted to wear her crown and long sundress.  I suspect the princess from Frozen was hovering around.

The farm was beautiful out to the south of Verona. They had horses all over the place.  Beautiful, beautiful horses. We were greeted by Winston, the Bloodhound and immediately he and John were rolling around on the ground. much for the clean shirt. Honestly, some days it's like I have two five year olds with me. Amigo, the large white dog slept through the entire event with people stepping over or around him.

Riley wandered around the place as if she was the hostess.  If someone and believe me with all the grandmother's there, told her she looked pretty she smiled sweetly and said, "Thank you." I don't know how many people told me she was a future Miss Dairyland or Ms Wisconsin. I suspect in Riley's mind she was mingling with her subjects and then when she spotted the black and white cat or one of the other dogs wandering around she was chasing them like a 5-year old.

You donated money in a milk can and then helped yourself to homemade cookies, coffee or lemonade.
Two teenagers dished out strawberry ice cream for people.
Riley fell in love with the farm cat. I guess I'll be on the lookout for a Tuxedo kitten next.

Single Oak is a working farm with over 100 head of Angus beef cows and babies. They board horses, give riding lessons, raise chickens and a few pigs. Marsha is an active vegetable and flower gardener sending most of her produce to restaurants in New Glarus and Millers Market. 

The farm had lots of these big gorgeous old oak trees but our recent tornado on the 16th took out a lot of them.  It also crushed the greenhouse. 

This was the 6th Annual even at Single Oak Farm and I know I look forward to next year. What a great way to enjoy the fellowship of other people, dance to the music of an accordian player, Rosalie and guitar player, Ron, eat wonderful homemade goodies, wander around a loving well cared for farm and donate to a more than worthy cause.

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