Monday, May 26, 2014


Linda O's. fiber art quilt from her entry in the Women Inspiring Women show.  The next showing of this exhibition will be the Verona Public Library during the month of September, 2014.
As a group the Studio Artists filled out a proposal for the Overture Center Gallery for the Fall 2014 - Summer 2015 exhibitions. 
We had set up a group web site.  We had brought the level of our art work up over the last five years.  We were ready to tackle a larger more public arena.

We received notification that out of a "staggering" 90 proposals from Madison area art organizations and artists, which were reviewed by a selection committee of local visual artists and art professionals the committee chose 11 exhibitions to complete the 2014-15 Gallery Season. 

I am proud to announce that the 3150 Studio Artists will be showing the exhibition of Women Inspiring Women, Mixed Media & Fiber artwork December 9, 2014- March 1, 2015 in Gallery II of the Overture Center.


Five years, these women have experimented and been willing to try new techniques. They have stayed open to growth, new ideas, making mistakes and learning from those mistakes.  They have pushed themselves and their art to new levels.
I am so proud of their commitment to LEARN and SHARE with one another.
They have been unselfish in their enthusiasm and support of one another. They have encouraged each other.

As Murphy would say, "You all are barking with the big dogs now."

I plan on adding three more pieces to the two I currently have in the exhibition. Hopefully, I will get two done before the Verona show.

Well done ladies, well done!


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