Sunday, April 20, 2014

Interesting Organza Silk Screen Technique

We had some fun in the Studio a couple of weeks ago. The 3150 Studio Artists have been ripping up those magazines, of articles, that they want to try out. Linda P. came in with this one using organza and sticky vinyl to make small, easy to use silk screens.
Drawing a shape on a piece of the sticky vinyl then cutting it out and ironing it to the organza we create little mini silk screens.
Using small pieces of inexpensive muslin, put the silk screen down on the fabric. Then I put some inexpensive tube acrylic paints on some deli paper then dipped the end of an old credit card into the paints. I tried to do them two toned.  Then I just pulled the paint, on the credit card, over the open design on the organza.  Make sure that the entire open area has been painted. Lift up the organza silk screen and there you have it.

 Here are some of the shapes that the artists experimented with.
 Chris did a really neat looking one that looks like fireworks. 
Linda O. and Pam deciding on color and placement for multiple images.
It's a really neat technique for a background or a final layer on a project. If you find something is lacking in your piece and it just seems to need a little spot of color, this technique could be just the ticket.

Remember my pile of fall leaf shapes? I added some screen printed ones in Titan Buff and white and then painted over sections with water color pencils. This will make an interesting background fabric. I can even push it back further with some gentle credit card scraping of watered down gesso.

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