Saturday, April 12, 2014

A little eye candy for inspiration.

Some days we just need some bright colored eye candy to think about. I saw this fabric in C&B when I was visiting Donna. I loved the bright colors and shapes.  I kept thinking that some of those shapes would make great stamps.
Another gorgeous fabric. And, again lots of ideas of how to recreate it  in my own style happening.
I absolutely love this photo. Again something I saw in the store and took a picture of just part of it.
Rainy day where you are? Can't get yourself going in the studio? Grab your camera or phone or whatever it is you take pictures with and go shopping. Take a look around at displayes, shapes, colors, lines and textures. 
It's digital if you don't like what you take after you get home you delete it. But, I will bet that you will find something that inspires you to create something. 
Look at the colors in that photo above.  At first glance I bet you said, blue and white. Take a look again. What happens to the color to make each spiral pop like it does? 
Here is another gorgeous closeup of a piece of artwork that was in the store. Look at the texture the lines and of course the material. How do you think it was created? How would you recreate it?  What could you use instead to give a similar look? 
I often paste photos like this in my small carry with me sketchbook. It gives me a chance to ask these questions whenever I have time to pull my sketchbook out. 
If I liked it enough to take a picture, what was going through my mind? Once I start that process I often find that I get more ideas about possible ways to incorporate the idea or to create it in a different form.
It's taking an idea and and running wild with it.
I loved this basket. I got to thinking about the Kentucky Derby Day party coming up and thought, wouldn't it be neat to take a large sunhat and recreate this using the hat? Found the hat at St. Vinnies, I'll get the oranges at the market and the centerpiece is done for the party.
On another note I love the shadow lines in this photo.
This was fabric, probably a shower curtain but to me it's a possible stamp or stencil for screen printing. I love the organic look to the blotches. In a quiet moment, over a cup of tea, maybe in the cafe I'll write down possible ways I can achieve a similar look creating a silk screen.
Until Mother Nature sets up her own displays of color, outside I have to find it in other places. I love how all these colors work together. It reminds me of fabric from South America. It was probably a pillow or part of a piece of furniture. I love the lines, the grids, color and even the hint of texture.
Sometimes you need to just shoot the window display. It's different from looking at a magazine page about composition.  You, the viewer are about to take the picture and through your lens YOU create the composition. This is just a small segment of a beautiful window display I passed in a Mall. Looking at it now I love how the two white pieces balance each other. I think, at the time my eye was really on the entire grouping. 
Frankly, I think it's healthier for you to take your camera or sketchbook out and about to get your pictures.  I think every time YOU take a picture you start to think about composition. But, if it is impossible for you to get out or difficult to find stores like this to take pictures then I can see where PinIt comes in handy. I am sure if you plug in the words Color, Shape, Lines, Composition or whatever you want you will get thousands of pictures that you can pin and save. Use them to analyze what it is you like, don't like, ask yourself questions about how you could reproduce it in a different medium, all sorts of things.

I don't believe the Muse goes away. I think she waits for us to get busy and PLAY. When we are involved in getting our creative side of our brain activated then she gets excited and pops back into our studios with ideas.

Have fun today, Create something!  :)Bea

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