Saturday, March 01, 2014

MAKING OUR MARKS - Our 2014 show at the Madison Senior Center.

The show is up! We are certainly getting more organized every year.  This time it only took us about two and half hours to hang everything. Forty-two pieces of amazing artwork.
This is one of our masks on what we call our Meet the Artist Wall. It's where we have our artist statements, our group mission statement, the title of our show and every year we do something different to introduce ourselves to our viewers.

We filled the glass case with a display of our sketchbooks, notebooks, inspirations books and journals. Many people have never really seen the kind of books that artists keep. After I had locked up the case and was finished arranging everything I was surprised at the number of people coming in for tax help that took the time to look at the case.
It's always hard to hang things on these walls back in the corner by the glass case. There isn't any overhead lighting. I think what they decided to put back here is bright enough to hold its own.

All of the above are our individual pieces.
We used the center part of the hallway/lobby area for our Women Inspiring Women Exhibit.

We are going to be building on the Women Inspiring Women show. Right now we have 11 pieces for it. I am hoping that by the time we show it at the Public Library we will have at least 16 pieces if not more.

This is our fourth year that we have been invited back to the Madison Senior Center. It has been a really nice place to display our art. 

The show is up until through the second week of April.

We had a great lunch downtown to celebrate getting it hung without a lot of difficulties.

Then a couple of us wandered over to the art store just to see if there was anything we needed.  Silly, there is always something you need from the art store.


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