Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Look around your, what do you see?

I'm having rather a lot of fun looking for photographs to take of LINE, PATTERN and SHAPES.
Really like how this reflection added to my LINE collection.
This one, a little harder, could go in the Line Folder or a crossover into Shapes.
I rather like this one, again another crossover from Patterns to Shapes.

Love these patterns.

This is the one I'm going to have some fun with this afternoon, in my sketchbook. Putting the shape in a couple of different places on numerous sheets of paper, then arranging the shape so it touches two sides of the paper and then a last one where it goes beyond the edges of the paper.
This is one of Chihuly's paintings in the lobby. An interesting look at Line.
A lamp base in the lobby.  An interesting look at Positive and Negative Shapes.

Off to have some lunch and try to get this music out of my head. It sounds like the needle is stuck and we all know that's dating myself right there.

Do something creative today.  Remember it's so good for your soul.


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