Friday, January 03, 2014


I mentioned in Writing In The Margins blog that I had finally gotten the name for this painting.That's it up there on the title of the post.

The painting is not anywhere near finished. I'm probably on layer six right now. I've incorporated my original photographs by doing transfers of them and applying them to the acrylic painting. There are layers of paper collage under the ground area and it's difficult to see them in this photograph. 

This is not my usual color palette and I have been challenging myself to do more thinking about what color choices I make and what emotion I want to convey about the subject matter. 

I'll keep you updated as I keep on applying layers to this piece.

John and  were driving back from visiting Justin and family, up in Minnesota and we were exploring back roads.  We came into this tiny little Amish community. Trying not to be intrusive I quietly snapped a few pictures.  
The earth areas have a great deal of texture applied to it. Again, difficult to really capture a good picture of it.
Today, I spent the day, sorting fabric, ironing and restacking the fabric shelves. I've been keeping my sketchbook near me and as I see a fabric that sparks an idea for a project I've snapped a picture of it and written down the idea.
If I don't keep some sort of record of ideas they will just disappear. 
Refolding, ironing and looking at my fabric collection has given me a pretty good idea of my color preferences, removed fabric that no longer holds my interest and just starts to get the ideas perking. I highly recommend it.

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