Thursday, January 02, 2014

"CREATIVITY comes from looking for the unexpected and stepping outside your own experience."

A dear friend sent me this bouquet of flowers today to wish me a Creative & Colorful New Year. Look at those gorgeous colors. 
Sometimes we need motivation to create new art. May I suggest that you just take a look around and be open to inspiration.
Mother Nature certainly provides us with a variety of subjects, shapes and colors. If you can't get motivated by those then look to what human creators have produced. Pick up a glossy expensive magazine the next time you are in Barnes & Noble and take a moment to take in color combinations or subject matter in the ads. 
Let your mind wander, could that pose that the undernourished model is holding be an interesting form stamp? What about a pattern in a rug? 

Take a moment to look carefully at something. Are there shapes within shapes?
Carry your small sketchbook with you and jot down ideas and notes. Does that bedspread with turquoise, silver and magenta just shout out to you? 

Challenge yourself to experiment with different color combinations. It's PLAY, ok. Everything that you do, in the studio does not have to produce sellable artwork. Experiment. Observe. Generate new ideas.

"The possibility for inspiration exists in each moment on Earth and staying open to those possibilities can ignite whole new worlds within us." Alena Hennessy

GO, Look & Observe your world.

Heading quote from Masaru Ibuka

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