Thursday, December 05, 2013

Getting ready

I pulled this picture from my Texture file. Just thought you might enjoy seeing it.

I'm in the process of a MAJOR and I mean MAJOR cleaning out and re-organizing my Studio space. As I have been working, with the ladies of 3150 Studio Artists, in refining my art style, polishing my techniques and setting direction and goals for my art, I have found that some of the items in the studio no longer hold my interest. 

I've also found that although I work, in the middle of a project, in total disorder it is organized disorder to me. When I am not in the middle of a project this disorder just becomes a giant MESS.

The bones were good, the shelving in place, the containers labeled, it was a matter of putting back, sorting out and gathering in one place a multitude of odds and ends.  Mixed Media artists tend to collect and I use that word loosely, many different kinds of objects. 

I discovered that I am NOT a cutesy kind of artist. I may enjoy looking at a studio that has little jars of different kinds of buttons and old library file drawers to hold items, I cannot work that way.  I have to be able to SEE clearly what I have so I can grab it when I need it.  I can't have little containers taking up valuable space that a large plastic bin would fill.
So, all my buttons are now in one large (and I mean large) plastic container. Sorting through them for the perfect one will be a pleasure, I tell myself. 

The reality is, how many times have I actually opened a little jar of buttons in five years? Heck, one year? Nada

So, the purge continues. I loaded the table downstairs, in the barn with cute little containers, large plastic stacking drawers, whatever else I had cleaned out, resorted and no longer needed.  I invited the ladies to help themselves, put a donation in the Pink Kitty bucket and go home and organize their own studio spaces.

I'm getting ready for 2014.  I can feel it hovering behind me. It's like the ideas are bulging against a closed door, waiting for me to open it and let them out. I will welcome them into a studio space READY to receive them. Ready to get to work and CREATE.

As I clean up a mess in one corner I can almost feel the energy, of the room, flow a little faster by me.
I can feel where that neglected area clogged energy.

I've been making some notes about other changes too. First will be to separate the Dog In The Hole Studio blog from my personal life. At first I thought they should integrated because it was all part of who I am. Now, I want to concentrate the art and techniques into one space and my rambling thoughts about this and that in another.

As of the first of the year I will be musing in a blog called, Writing In The Margins. Same me, just putting my thoughts, jottings about life in a different place. So, come join me there, January 1st for a hot cuppa.

So, that's what's new with me. Getting ready for another chapter of a life, I hope, well lived. How about you? 

Do SOMETHING creative today. It's so good for your soul.


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  1. Well....with me, I did what you're planning on doing, which was to create a brand new blog this past November. My previous one had a good long run (about 5 1/2 years) and I thought it was time to reboot and rejuvenate my blogging. While my previous one is pretty much inactive, it isn't closed, thus letting people browse around to see what's what with what.