Sunday, December 08, 2013


It doesn't really look like that here, now. It's darn cold but there isn't any snow around. Frankly, if it's going to be this cold I would rather see snow. The two go together, in my mind. Seeing green grass and then walking outside into a MEAT FREEZER of single digit temperatures just doesn't compute in my brain.

I'm setting up the new blog, you can go visit although I won't be writing much more than the Welcome post, until January 1, 2014. 

I've spent the week dealing with technology, the Internet, printers and frankly, for how easy they are supposed to make our lives, last week was a royal pain. A technician, from the phone company, my Internet carrier, was here for close to three hours.
He got to see every room of the house, behind dressers, behind book cases, anywhere we thought there might be a phone line connection. When the house was built, computers still plugged into phone lines so it was wired for phones and computers.

Imagine my surprise when I had to show off, to a complete stranger, my lack of housekeeping in some areas. In the end, the last room, of course, held the box that he needed to convert one phone line to just the Internet, one to our land line and the third just in case.

That's all for an upgrade for better speed. The first thing was a new modem. He looked at mine when he came in, shook his head and told me it was ancient. Ancient, being maybe five years old?

So, the computer speed is soooooooooo much faster now. I no longer can go make coffee, brush my teeth, write in my journal and still sit and watch the loading circle for Google go round and round and round. Life is very good!  :)

I'm learning how to use my new technology. The new printer and I are still having harsh words with one another. Despite my efforts to read ALL the endless directions with wording that escapes my understanding, it is still "offline" when I want to print from my computer. I've checked cords and as I said had some harsh comments directed at that computer. I see a Geek squad person arriving at my house sometime soon. 

I was so frustrated with it yesterday, that when John and Riley came downstairs bearing playdoh donuts and pretend tea, for a tea party, Riley whispered to John, "Maybe we should go back upstairs and have our tea party there?"

I assured her that what I really needed RIGHT NOW  was a tea party. We clinked cups, ate our pretend donuts and I was glad that I could put aside something that is somewhat important for something that was ABSOLUTELY important!

Remember what's really important, in your life. Don't let yourself become stressed out about something that in the long run doesn't mean a thing compared to actual INTERACTION WITH FAMILY & FRIENDS. 

Don't over commit yourself so that you feel so stressed that you can't take the time to enjoy life.
Learn how to say, NO, gently but firmly to things that fall at a bad time, will take up too much of your time or simply are not in your best interests.

Take the time to go to lunch or breakfast with friends and family. Take a breath and smile and then look into the eyes of a child and play in his or her world for awhile.

Be responsible but flexible and less hard on yourself.

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life."  Steve Jobs


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