Thursday, October 31, 2013


Here are my two favorite BOSTON PUMPKINS! Rory and Curran. They are getting so big. I can't wait to get the Halloween pictures and see what they finally decided to wear for Trick or Treat.
Riley is wearing her Merida outfit today to school. The red wig is a riot. I think I should get one for myself. I'll post some Halloween pictures tomorrow.

It's 62 degrees here but raining. I certainly hope it stops by this afternoon. Although, I can remember many a cold, rainy Halloween, in the past.

My mother remember going Trick or Treating when it really was do a trick and get a treat.  She said that if somebody had a piano in their house she would sit down and play a piano piece.  If they didn't then her "brother" would have to play his horn. Treats were usually homemade cookies or candies.

She couldn't remember what she dressed up as but suspected it was a hobo. I would also guess that if I asked my grandchildren what a hobo was they wouldn't have any idea. And, that's the kind of thing that makes me feel old.

I had a light bulb moment, on the treadmill the other day. Somewhere on hill number three while I was panting and wheezing and thinking about possible series projects I suddenly connected a dream I had and what I had been lately contemplating for a series in the new year.

I find that the treadmill, sweat and pushing myself beyond my normal seems to help in the creative process. I don't watch the tv attached to the treadmill.  Instead, I watch, through a narrow slice of the window, the sun come up. The background noise of the radio station that someone insists should be on all the time becomes white noise. I set my mind on my artwork and just let it drift around while I keep my feet moving. I had no idea when I first started this exercise routine that this would turn out to be such a productive thinking time for me.

I want to do a series that tell a story.  I really enjoyed doing the scrabble board story of Myrtle and apparently it spoke to some other people too because that's the one that won Honorable Mention and was sold, last April at the juried Art Show.

I thought I would start with my Great Aunt Elvie who may or may not have been my grandmother.  I would rather tell a story about a real person but I find that they also represent a period of history. Now, that combines two of my many loves, storytelling and history, add art and that's three. Throw some photography in there and I'm golden.

So, I'm doing a time line of my Great Aunt and I find that she was a young nurse in her second year of nursing school in Philadelphia in 1918. In fact she had just started her second year of training at Frankford Hospital. She was only 21 when the Spanish Influenza struck. Philadelphia hospitals were short medical personal because most of them were helping overseas, in WWI. She was pulled out of training as was everybody else, including the premed students. For a few months, she like everyone else worked night and day to try to save or ease the comfort of those who had come down with this terrible sickness.

As I researched it more I realized that this was where I needed to concentrate my storytelling, for one of my art pieces. It's a way of honoring those that served and those that died. It's a way of reminding us that history can repeat itself again.


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