Sunday, October 13, 2013

End of the Blue Chair

Remember the night John and I replaced the old broken chair with this newly painted old chair? I'm afraid the weather conditions have not been kind to the replacement chair. This is what is left of it now.

I remember when I first took a picture of a Blue Chair put out on this stoop by the farmer's wife. I issued an art challenge to whoever was interested to do something creative featuring a blue chair.

I had some people take me up on that challenge. If I remember correctly, one artist even sold her piece.

John asked me if I was going to replace the chair again.  I don't think so.  I think the idea had it's moment and now it is over.  Like a Tibetan sand drawing, beautiful in the moment and then brushed away.

Perhaps it is in growing older, perhaps it is in seeing how quickly these days, things change.  Buildings that seem like they were just built are torn down and rebuilt. Riley and I drove around yesterday running some errands and I went past areas that I haven't been by for maybe five or more years.  I was amazed at how many changes I could spot. I no longer felt a connection to the areas but the changes sure put "closure" on that.

I saw buildings, at the University, that I watched go up when I worked there, now being torn down and rebuilt. That's been less than forty some years. Admittedly, they weren't the most attractive buildings but were they so poorly built or is the land so valuable that they have to be replaced with something bigger or "better"? I guess if you have the money to have your name put on the building you probably have the say in how you want the building to look.

Maybe it's the fact that it is fall and the leaves are changing and the gardens are done blooming that I feel like everything is moving so quickly these days.

I was looking at my oldest granddaughter's first day of school picture and I couldn't get over how grown up and beautiful she was. When did she get that big and old? She's 13, how did that happen?

This summer seems to have zipped by. I feel like the Universe is taking my Twenty Summer's philosophy seriously. You thought Wisconsin summers were short well, see how really short they are!!

Maybe time seems to be flying by because I have so many things I want to do from the garden to the studio, to family and with friends that I feel like I am being rushed around.

And, then you add the changes to what used to be familiar and suddenly life seems to be moving like the TV promos do, fast and disjointed.

The other day I looked at a number of things that I spend time on and asked myself, these questions.

Do you enjoy looking at this, reading this, watching this?
I made myself be perfectly honest. Do I enjoy looking at Facebook anymore? NO
I could probably list at least five things that annoy me about Facebook these days.
I used to think it was a great way to keep up with what was new with family members. Unfortunately, some family members tell me way too much about their political views, their day to day activities and other family members tell me practically zero to zero.

So, MY original intent for Facebook doesn't really meet my needs. If it is the only way that some people are going to communicate with me then I feel that we probably aren't going to see or hear much from each other because I'm crossing Facebook off my To Do List.

Some television shows just got the axe too.  I gave Blacklist a shot but I realized that the main actor has a limited range of emotions for his character which makes his character really not that likable or interesting to me. The plot has holes that disturb me and I'm not sure I want to spend time, even taped time watching the interaction between him and his FBI or CIA, I forget which, young woman. So, that's it for that show.

I'll keep Elementary on the list, I still love the interaction and chemistry between Watson and Sherlock.

I'll probably keep Castle on the list too because I just like watching those two and I like the secondary characters, although I could do without the perfect red headed daughter.

Foyle's War because well just because it's a good story with a terrific world class actor.

I won't bore you with the rest of my list. Let's just say I'm doing some serious culling of things that take up my time.

I have to ask myself, what do I get from this, whatever it is?  Does it bring me pleasure, make me happy, improve my mind, make me appreciate something or be thankful? 

Does it take up time, upset me, disturb my piece of mind, create drama all things that really don't serve me well.

I can change my attitude towards things that I have no control over but the rest of it needs some seriously thinking about.

If I want more time, if I want things to slow down I need to par down what currently takes up valuable time. Yesterday, another gorgeous fall day here could have had me putting the garden to bed. Instead I took my four year old granddaughter on a series of errands we called "adventures". We had three hours of fun, exploring things. Time well spent. Time that has value.

Balance, that's the hard part for all of us.  Finding balance in our lives. Spending time on taking care of ourselves so we can take care of what we have to.
Taking care of those around us, two legged and four.

New technology can throw us out of balance, easily.

Some would rather hold a phone in their hand then talk to another.

Some need to be constantly connected to people because they fear the silence.

I need to find the Balance again. The Old Blue Chair theme is done. It's time for something different.

Perhaps it is time to stop blogging. I don't know, I will have to think about this and answer the same questions I pose to everything else that occupies my time.



  1. Yes....I sold the fiber art, blue chair, piece. :) Too bad about the new old chair. :(
    I agree about FB. I feel the same about things as you do. Maybe it's this being a person of age now or something. LOL My 30 yr. old son says his last 10 years just flew by. I told him wait to see how fast the next ten fly by. LOL Balance was a word for me this year, and I have to work constantly to find it and keep it in my daily life.

  2. I'm with you on all of this. Never felt Facebook had what I needed. I connected with a couple of people from my past--but they returned quickly to my past. Most of what people post seems lacking substance. The world doesn't need anymore noise.

    Balance has been a huge and recurring theme in our conversations over the years. It is a constant journey of reevaluation, isn't it? You're right about autumn--it brings the brevity and speed of change sharply into perspective. There is no subtlety in falling leaves, shorter days, and less light.

    Selfishly, I hope you don't quit blogging. I know from the comments left and my own reaction that you bring to top of mind important questions, universal questions (the kind most people never take time to ask)--and you inspire with your creative endeavors.

    Interesting that the blue chair story should be your topic today. The wood chairs I bought as a temporary outdoor source of color are also falling apart. I've decided that they are finished as utilitarian objects for fireside conversations. They are being pieced together for a sculpture that will move around the tree outside my dining room window. Eventually, they will deteriorate and move to a fire pile. Like you I will have photos of them and their journey. They will eventually be replaced by something that is more durable and takes less maintenance...or maybe they won't. The pictures will last and down the line remind me of creativity I'd forgotten. I like that.

    Thanks for voicing what's been in my head these last few days when I have begun removing all the decaying moving materials from the basement --- things I kept in anticipation of "the what ifs" in life...thanks for the pencils that have expanded my artistic repertoire by taking me back. Just thanks. D

  3. I am not on facebook....I was on many years ago before it got....whatever it is that it got. Even back then it was awkward for I quit and never looked back.
    I like blogs, they seem to have more space to me. A wider chance to convey a real story. Don't know why that is. Blogging seem like a better connection for me. However, I fear I am becoming a die hard with that way of thinking.....

  4. Hi bea
    Please dont stop blogging
    slowing down is okay !
    ....but I only just found you and I love your blog
    feels like we are jus sitting on the porch with a nice cuppa (tea) and your gentle musing
    delights me