Sunday, October 06, 2013


Most of them hadn't played soccer since high school and yet last night they played a reunion game that looked like they have been playing together for years.  Well done, guys! It's been a few years, most of these men now entering the big 40 years, since some of them have even seen each other.

I discovered with the passing of time that I can't really sit on hard benches anymore. I woke up this morning feeling as if I had played the game with them, in the pouring rain, my lower back protesting any movements.

I noticed that I have also been slowing down with my blogging. I suppose it goes in cycles, depending on how busy my life is.  It certainly can't be because I can't think of something to talk about!

I've been working in the studio these past two weeks. The Studio Artists have started their bookstudy for the winter.
One of the things that we covered prior to the book study was a refresher of the Design Principles, Design Elements and Design Formats.

I've found the Design Formats particularly interesting. I have tended, in the past, to be comfortable with maybe three different patterns or formats. I don't think I even knew what they were formally called at the time, just an intuitive appreciation for the format.

As we work on refining some techniques that we are learning in the bookstudy we are applying them to a series of works, using a different Design Format for them.

It will be a lot of work but I truly believe for many of us we have to actually DO the work to understand the concepts.

Above is my first study, GOLD NEST done following the Balanced Format. I've decided to work in a color family and experiment with my tints and shades. I have a working knowledge of Color Theory but I really would like to become more comfortable with colors that I normally don't use in my artwork.

It is an acrylic, paper, metallic collage.

In addition to our study we are also working on a group project of interpreting the work of one or more North American Women Artists, in our own style.  Hopefully, we will have enough for it's own individual show.

Our goal for the 2014 year is to work individually on a series of 12 pieces.  I am hoping that working in a series will give each of us a chance to express our "voice" about something that we feel passionate about.  I also think it's an excellent way to see your development on a subject.  A series allows each artist to have enough for a small exhibit on their own, or to pull out individual pieces for other shows.

Some of the group work primarily in textile with the addition of mixed media and some of us work back and forth in surface design on textile and mixed media.  I think it makes for a really interesting show when all our pieces are shown together.

We did get our latest exhibit up at Manna Cafe over on the East Side of Madison. A lovely room with nice lighting.  They have a ledge which is fine for sturdy things but difficult for any larger textiles to be displayed. Good lunch crowd so maybe a good place to sell things.  We've certainly been lucky so far in every place we have displayed.

The new roof is on the Barn/Studio. I'm really happy with how it looks. Over time the cedar shakes will turn gray.
The Peacock lights up at night. For some reason, Grandpa and Riley have named it Kevin.  I think after the large bird in UP. If I didn't already have the studio space named, Dog In The Hole, I suppose I could call it Peacock Studio. lol

It's a gorgeous fall day here and time for me to think about clearing out some garden beds.  It seems like I just planted them.  I know people all say this but boy the time seems to be flying by.

When I talk about Twenty Summers a day like today brings the philosophy right home. This summer seems to have been so full of things, activities and people and yet so short. I can't ignore how short Wisconsin summers are.
I need to remind myself daily of Twenty Summers left and make sure I'm making the most of my time.

Make the most our your time, surround yourselves with people that encourage you, support you and love you. Negative people, people who enjoy conflict, drama can drain your energy and ruin your day, give them lots of space. Look at what surrounds you, in your space. Do you use it? Then lose it?  Do you love it? No, then give it away, it might make someone else's day. Does it give you pleasure? Then, smile. 

I'm about to start tackling my studio.  I have things up there that I have collected and saved since I started my art journey.  Many things I have moved beyond.  I can look back and enjoy what I did but I don't do that particular kind of art anymore. I will save what makes me smile and the rest I will donate. 

I will clear my creative space and allow new energy, new dreams to emerge.

Have a great day, however you spend it. :)Bea

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