Monday, October 28, 2013


Yes, a birthday has come and gone. Saturday I celebrated my 65th birthday. A milestone for many but for me just another day with a To Do List.
The number of candles on the cake don't make me feel older. It's more the looking back on friends and family members that are no longer here.
I can understand why so many people need to hold on to their cell phones, tweet, post constant updates of their lives. I suspect they are afraid of being left alone. Suddenly waking up one morning to find that hardly anybody they grew up with is still alive.
Or, maybe it's just the silence. So few can bear the silence anymore. They don't want to hear what they are thinking.
Anyway, I had a good day.  My boys checked in by phone.  I had a hardy birthday song from the Boston contingent. I did chores, worked on continuing to straighten up the studio space and for dinner my daughter joined us, with her daughter for a wonderful Chinese meal.
I'm not hard to buy for, just give me a gift certificate to the art store or Amazon or a new pair of cross trainers and I'm happy. John and Riley bought me new bright red. large coffee mugs. Can't go wrong there.  A dear friend remembered me when she was in Paris and sent me an umbrella with Paris written all over it.
I haven't really had much time to think about getting older. Like many people I don't really remember how old I am when I am lying in bed, in the morning, making lists in my mind of what I want to do today.
It's the getting out of bed that reminds me that my body needs a little more care and attention.
I am still working out at the gym. Well, I started actually using the other buttons on the treadmill.
I now do the "fitness" program, having finally figured out which level I'm at, speed and number of inclines.
My first attempt left me sounding like the women tennis players when they serve the ball, grunting loudly. I'm better now, I just wheeze my way through the workout.
I sweat, my heart rate is up there working away and the weight keeps coming off slowly.
I'm now down 43 pounds since April 1st. As Riley says, "Grammybea doesn't like sugar." Oh, sweetie, if you only knew.
But, she's right, GrammyB doesn't do sugar much anymore. No dairy, no white bread, probably very little that is white anything. I hardly eat meat and something like a steak is just not part of my life anymore.  It hasn't been easy but I have to say having made up my mind about this life style change I've been sticking to my choices.
Fall has arrived here and the leaves are taking a nice long time to change color. The temperatures are brisk and remind us daily not to goof around but get those snow shovels out, put the orange stakes in the ground next to the driveway so we know where it is when the blizzard does arrive.
I could pull out dead summer plants out of the garden but they will mostly disappear by spring and the ones with seed heads might provide a meal for some animal or bird.
I worked hard this summer, putting in new garden beds. The yard looked nice and still does. I'm happy to be off the clock now. It's time to spend that time I gardened back up in the studio, painting and sewing.
This week is Halloween week. One of my favorite holidays. There are no children coming to my door anymore.  Country kids must go to town to walk around for Trick or Treat.

Another year older and hopefully a little wiser.
My mother, told me that she never thought she would live this long to have a daughter now 65. She sounded shocked. Frankly, with her health issues over the years I never thought she would make it either. We decided if she is planning on living to 100 as she told me last phone call, she better prepare herself for that fact that her daughter will be 78.

I find looking back on what I have just written that my philosophy of TWENTY SUMMERS is even more
important.  This Wisconsin summer seemed to zip by.
In 20 summers I will be 85. I most likely won't be working on my yard at the same rate or energy I did this year. I would like to think I will be outside pottering around. Any decisions I make today, tomorrow are soundly based in that TWENTY SUMMERS philosophy.
What's important? Why am I waiting? Shouldn't I be enjoying it now? No pockets in shrouds. Family & close friends first. Don't waste time on things that aren't important to you.
I hope I get the next twenty summers. I hope I have my health, wit and spouse with me. No guarantees so I'm living each day the best I can. Choices are made. All is good.



  1. Happy Birthday again, dear Friend! If anyone has demonstrated an understanding of joy, creativity, finding and living the potential out of life—it is you! The world would be lucky to have you another 20 years. Thanks for another year of sharing your love, passion, talent, and creativity. Thanks for inspiring, prodding, and making us think. You are the best! D

  2. I'm so proud of you for making the life style change you have. You are doing so good. Yep, that getting out of bed things gets to me too. I have been doing water aerobics and love it. Has helped my joints a lot. Any movement is a good thing I guess. LOL