Wednesday, September 04, 2013


I think this farm family was large. I'm guessing because the farmer built a rather large school bus waiting shelter by the edge of the road. It could easily fit six kids waiting, on a winter day, for the school bus.
Of course, it could have been one kid and a place to store his lawn tractor too. But, I like the idea of six siblings waiting together, on a bitter cold winter morning, for the school bus.

Today is back to school day for all the grades, here in Verona.  Riley started back to school yesterday.  She was so excited about her first day in Pre-K that she was up twenty minutes early.  Grammy had to send her back to be to either read a book or play quietly. That twenty minutes is Grammy's time to get dressed, wake up, make coffee and get ready for the day.

I heard her alarm go off at 7:00 and her THUMP as her feet it the floor and she turned it off. Her clothes for the day are laid out, on the floor so she can dress herself. By the time she is dressed, Grammy has her "hot breakfast", yes, Uncle James, it really was a "hot breakfast", eggs and bacon.
When Riley's, Uncle James was older he complained that hot oatmeal did not constitute a "hot breakfast" in his book. Eggs, breakfast meats, pancakes, french toast were given that title.  Oatmeal? Not so much.  I wonder if now that he has children and has to get going in the morning, he calls oatmeal a hot breakfast?
Anyway, Riley has a list of things to do in the morning. She helped me write it so she is very clear about what is on the list, even though she might not be able to read everything.
After breakfast, she does her ablution's and Grammybea puts her hair in ponytails or braids.
Then we feed the cats, feed the dog, make sure Grandpa took his vitamins, kiss the dog, kiss Grandpa, grab her backpack and jacket and off we go.
When we hit the car we check the time and yup, it's 7:30 we are ON SCHEDULE.
We might live five minutes away from the school but the traffic to EPIC in the morning is relentless. We can end up behind a long line of cars waiting to turn right into the Epic campus. So, we give ourselves 15 minutes, time well spent singing songs or making up a story.
School starts at 7:50am. This is real school not daycare so Riley knows she is marked present and on time when she checks in. Late or no shows go to the district office and a call home to the parent will result.
It's been awhile since Grammy and Grandpa have done the first day of school thing. It's rather nice when you have the time, aren't rushed to gather up and get other children out the door. 
I'm headed for the gym. I'm off the little pill for a month. Part of the agreement with the doctor. Three months on and one month off. This month is to check what will happen when I am off the pill for good. Will there be a drastic rebound effect?  So far, it's been a week and I've maintained my 35 pound weight loss.  I have noticed that I get a little tired after working in the garden. I seem to have cleaned my system of sugar and bad carbs so I don't have any desire for them. I've increased my workout time, in the gym. I guess you could call it my STAGE TWO of my program. 
I've increased my time on the treadmill.

Fall, for me always meant getting myself a new box of crayons. New beginnings. Fresh journal or sketchbook. New schedule to my life. 
It hasn't changed that much. I don't get the new crayons, I might get a new sketchbook but my schedule has certainly changed.
I do have new goals. As the cooler weather starts to flow in I start to look around my surroundings and think about a fall cleaning. A chance to move any piles of things that have become part of the scenery, over the summer. Get my indoor plants ready for winter, new pots, new soil maybe even a new plant or two. I get my indoor fountains cleaned up because once I have to close my windows and can't hear the waterfall on the pond I'm going to have to start running the fountains. I love that sound. I think it helps keep me centered at times.
I also have to take a look at what takes up my time. What I do and what I get from doing it. It applies to the people in my life too. 
Sometimes we continue doing something that no longer really works for us. It's habit or it's something that we think we are benefiting from but in reality it might be something that actually suck energy or time from us.

Have a great first week of fall.


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