Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Just a little golf with the boys!

There they go! They are off for a birthday filled weekend of golf.  Justin and James flew in to celebrate John's birthday with three packed days of golfing. How to make a man happy on his birthday.  Really, it was probably the best gift they could have given him.

I only had to cook the birthday dinner which was pretty easy, just putting things on the grill.  I bought an icecream cake which got polished off fast.

A good time was had by all. Happy Birthday Smoochies!
 The new Cedar Roof is going on up on the Studio Barn. Actually, on the house too. We were in need of a new roof from the three hail storms that hit us. It will turn gray over time which is great. 
It was really nice to go out for coffee, on Saturday morning, at one of our regular places and have the boys and Mary with us. 
I'm still working in the yard finishing up the major project I started in the front yard. I put in a perennial bed on the hillside next to the dry river bed. This past weekend I planted bulbs in there and finished up the mulching of the bed. I can't tell you how sore I was yesterday and still today from hauling buckets of mulch up and down, not to mention loading it into the tractor wagon to begin with. It does look really nice and it's a project I saw finished for ages and now it's actually close to getting done. 
I've also been moving the dye stuff from the barn over to the garage. I told John it's what they call the "wet STUDIO space".  He looked at me and said, "Let's see, there is the STUDIO, upstairs in the barn, the downstairs of the barn, in summer and now the garage in winter?" Yup, you got it babe.
Closing up the workshop space I'm rearranging things again to make it easier to store the pool things, garden things and the art supplies that we don't need until next year. And, of course, make room for the new lawn tractor and the old tractor, for winter.
And, I haven't even been upstairs in the Studio. I know it's still a mess. I don't think any little art elves have been up there to clean it up. 
So, I have a busy full ahead of me of finishing up jobs, organizing and still working on my "healthy life style". I'm in a holding pattern but seem to have lost inches which is always good. 
Have a great day.  Do something creative for yourself.

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