Thursday, September 26, 2013


He's new to Verona. He must have emerged from the big hole they dug in the ground, at Epic, to build their huge new auditorium, DEEP SPACE, that seats over 11,500 people. He's at least 20 tall and sits in front of the rock, glass and waterfall front to the new building. The bulk of the building being underground.
The front of the building faces West and looks as if it is just a large outcropping on the hillside. This picture is just a tiny portion of the long extended front of the building.
As much as I give Epic a hard time with the traffic situation on my beloved back roads I have to say that CEO, Judith Faulkner sure does a fantastic job of creating a beautiful, fanciful campus. I haven't taken the tour, inside, it's on my TO DO list but I hear it's amazing.
This is one of the three new FARM office buildings that went up on the North side of the campus. You can't really see it but from the top window, in the middle of the building, there is a giant purple pig, with wings, flying out the window!

I'm impressed with her whimsy, her commitment to green practices and the landscaping. Sometimes I drive around the campus, taking pictures just to get inspiration for my own landscaping projects. 

Last week, Epic hosted it's annual Users Group Meeting. They welcomed more than 8,500 visitors from all over. Add those numbers to the 7,000 or so souls that already work there and you had a huge number of people in our area.  And, I hardly saw a traffic jam or even knew they were there. 

Frankly, I think her talents might be wasted in running this company. I think we need somebody like her that is capable of getting things done and done right and ON TIME, in government.

Now, I'm on my second cup of coffee today, I already got Riley up, dressed, fed and off to school for picture day and bring an apple to school for your teacher.  Apparently, it's Johnny Appleseed Day. Riley took a Carmel apple in. She was quite pleased with that.
I've worked out, stopped by the drugstore, market and done a load of laundry.

It's time to check out the new press release of the Verona News. Aahhh, remember the young man, in the police report, from the last time I brought you up to date? He was sitting at the end of a dead end road, in his car, waiting for his mother to go to sleep. He was mad at her because she wouldn't let him play his video games?  Well, I'm wondering if this new police report features the same family issues. At 10:20 pm the police responded to a verbal argument between a mother and her son. She apparently made him come home instead of letting him stay overnight at a friend's. 
Doesn't sound like such a big deal but wait......oh dear, the son was counseled by police after swearing, slamming doors and punching his bedroom wall.
I remember one of my children, I won't name names, slammed a bedroom door and John went downstairs to the basement and got a screwdriver and removed the door. Hey, you slam it, you lose it.

I seriously think this young man and his mother could benefit from some counseling. I can only see this getting worse and worse. One needs to learn anger management skills and the other coping skills.

Let's see, this report is one that makes me chuckle. A person called the police because there was something near the gas station making a high-pitched screeching noise. Turns out it was pigeons that were nesting on the roof.

I mean that just makes you stop for a moment, doesn't it? lol Do people ever really LOOK around anymore?  Apparently, not because an irate caller complained bitterly about a dead dog that had been just left on the side of the road. Turns out it was an old sweatshirt.  

There are lots of uplifting things in this little "fish wrapper", not just sad news about people that are unhappy, confused or just weird. Twelve-year old Meg was part of a seven member rescue crew that patrolled the lake during the Iron man triathlon. If somebody got into trouble during the swim portion, she would be able to help them to safety. Meg says she wants to be a Navy Seal when she grows up.
Fortunately, the team wasn't needed. 

I had to get my license renewed this year. It's been a while. I had to go in for a new picture and everything. Imagine my surprise when I got my new license, in the mail and there was my maiden name for my middle name. I've always used just the initial. It seems to be a federal mandate now that ID have your full name on it. Just a surprise, I haven't really seen my maiden name for forty some years.

Well, the fog has lifted, the sun is coming out and my cup is empty so it's time to get to work. I'm putting in the last of the tulip bulbs out front.  I'm giving it a shot this year, hoping that by putting them up close to the house they won't get eaten by deer. I won't hold my breath on this but I'll give it a shot.

Do something good for your soul today, do something creative.


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  1. Love your posts Bea, as usual. He took the door off!!!!! Love it! LOL