Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A small town just like any other family.

No, not my photo but really cool. They do look like flying saucers don't they?
Another day of this and that, chores that have to be done, yard work that has to be done, getting my granddaughter off to school and doing laundry, wrapping the new tree trunks with plastic so the deer with their itchy antlers don't rub the bark off or hungry small animals don't eat the bark, in winter. Cutting grass before the rain comes tonight, mulching around trees so they keep some of that moisture for the rest of the week. A lot of this and that.

Linda P. came over and helped me in organize some things in the barn studio. We packed up all the dye things to take back over to the garage studio, for the winter.
It certainly helps to make a job more enjoyable when you have a friend to talk to while you are doing it.

Time to sit down, have some tea and see what is new in the Verona Press. It never fails to make me smile, especially the Police Report. Here we are in the midst of Epic's big ta-do with the completion of their DEEP SPACE Auditorium that seats over 11 thousand people and 15,000 people will be wandering around the campus this week. Surprisingly, there has been little in the way of traffic jams.  I've seen a lot of bike riders and walkers. I wouldn't be surprised if the owner of Epic offered a bonus to people that didn't drive their cars to work this week.

Let's see.........the thing about these police reports is that you really couldn't make this stuff up.  It's just regular people doing silly things, bothersome things, stupid things and the law has to step in and scold them, or listen to them, or just put on an understanding face and agree with them.  I applaud our local police force. The day to day living things require tact and understanding which they seem to have plenty.

At five of five on a July afternoon the police were called to a neighbor dispute.  Oh there was vulgar language and slamming of doors and even some threats but the local law took it in stride and told the two men and one woman all in their forties what would happen if further problems continued. Probably not good stuff.  I guess they took it seriously because they settled down.

At 11:00 at night a Super 8 employee called the police to report an "extremely intoxicated" individual heading to McDonald's. You know there is a story here, right?  You think this is going one way but watch while I take you another way.  The 49 year old gentleman told the police that his affected speech and wobbly mobility was due to the recent brain tumor surgery he had undergone.

Hey, like the reporter I just report the facts from the reports, I don't make a judgement call.

Another night, around 9:30 pm the police stopped beside a parked vehicle at the end of a dead end road. They asked the young 20 year old man what was he doing.  He replied that he was waiting for his mother to go to sleep because he didn't want to talk to her anymore because she wouldn't let him play his video games. 

I don't think there is a tv show here.  There isn't enough violence and nudity.  There is a tad too much profanity but this script would have to be beefed up.  Someone has to pull a knife or gun to keep the viewers interest, I think.

Frankly, I'm glad that this is what our police force has to deal with and not horrors that keep them up at night.  Images in their minds that they can't erase. I suspect that they can sleep at night and the argument between the tenant and the owner that escalating into a pushing and shoving match didn't make them question their view of humanity.

I live in a small town, turned larger than it expected and faster than it wanted. Those that live here are small town folks with 15,000 and more outsiders passing through. Our problems are those that you might find in any family. Our police force seems to be our collective father's, grandfather's, uncles and older brothers reminding us how to behave and play nice with each other.

Ah, tea is cold, time to start supper and put the wash in the dryer.
Thanks for stopping by. Hope you had a creative day.


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  1. I have missed you Bea............our life has been hectic . Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart