Friday, August 02, 2013


Linda O's fiber art piece from the show. Here's the link to the album of art work in the Library show. It looks really nice and as one woman said to me as she looked at everything, this morning, "This is an impressive selection of work."  She also bought the first piece sold today. A tribute to the firefighters killed recently out west,created by Barbara, sold for $225.00. Not bad for one day into the show.

I had to take down, to the show, the two acrylic pieces I did this past month to add to what we had put up. We had two panels that were still empty, to fill. Now, we know how much art work all those panels can support. The only problem I have with the panels is that it's hard to get a good picture of the art work once they are hung.  Next time I need to take pictures BEFORE they get hung. Oh well, every time is a learning lesson.

Lots to do this weekend.  The weather looks to be perfect for working in the garden. I hate to have to tell John that the belt came off the tractor, sigh, again. Something seems to be wrong with it when it just slips off all by itself.


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  1. You are amazing...I love the exhibit. I am working on re-visioned "Whispers in the Trees" panel. I hope to spend time quilting on this piece for our new home while Ken is having his treatments. Congratulations! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart