Friday, August 02, 2013


The show is up. I was happy to see quite a few new pieces from members of the group. 
Our local library is fairly new. In the main section one end was built in a brow shape, like on a ship. It looks out onto a prairie and what is left of an Oak Savanna. And, although in this photo it seems like the panels are dwarfed by the size of this room, they really aren't. There is plenty of room to move around them and view the artwork.

Hanging it was interesting. We had to use these metal hangers that go over the top of the panel. Like the kind you hang on your front door to hang a door decoration. They have small holes down the length of the metal for you to insert a s-hook to hang something. 
For the Fiber pieces we just used T-pins, it was easier.

I'm not wild about free standing panels. I am uneasy about putting anything small to medium on the back panels because of how easy it would be for someone to just walk away with an art piece. Human nature being what it is. I suggested that if we do use them that we hang a rather large textile piece back there.  A little harder to roll up and stuff in a computer bag. 

Today, Linda and I are going back to hang a few more pieces.  We had all been so worried that we would have too much but at the end of the morning we still had three panels empty.  

I've framed my two new acrylic pieces, My Private Cove and the seascape renamed, St. John's Blue, in white frames with double white matting.  They look really nice and both frames are 16" x 20" so they would be a little hard to walk away with.

I'll include a link to a web album after everything is hung. I took pictures of the entire panel but not close up ones of the individual work. 



  1. I am so proud of you...the installation system is caller Walker ...and this prevents damage to the walls after years of monthly exhibits. Beautiful artworks here! Peace and remember to SHINE at the opening! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Looks like an ideal place for art...great lighting and very attractive. Wish our library would show art like this. Good luck
    with your show :)