Saturday, August 10, 2013


It's just one of the gorgeous summer days that I thought deserved a large picture for you all. The corn is standing at least six feet tall and the clouds were just picture perfect.
 Here's another one that just begs to be enlarged.This could almost considered a perfect crayon box day. Bright blues, dark greens, bright yellows, oh my!
We stopped at the Pope Farm Conservatory on the way home from having coffee. This field goes on and on, full of BEAUTIFUL sun flowers! And, on almost every sunflower were two or three honey bees.  When you read about honey bees on the decline it just makes you feel so good to see them here, taking in this field.
We watched a plein air painter ponder how he was about to add that sea of sun flowers to his base painting. 
We came home to do some outside chores and then took off again to the little tiny town of Paoli for the ART FAIR BY THE MILL.
It's a small little art fair. The town itself is only two block long. One vendor was from Missouri another from Stevens Point, WI. And, it seemed that the bulk of the people viewing the art were bikers, out taking advantage of the beautiful day. Hard to carry art work on your touring bike.
We did run into an unexpected surprise, one of James' old high school buddies, home from Korea for a visit, Robin.
He's been working in Korea for the past eight years and just recently took a new job at the University there. It has given him his first really long vacation. He's been able to spend a good six weeks visiting family and friends.
I don't know how well you can see this big fellow. It's a metal dinosaur, oh probably ten feet tall. Apparently he won John's heart because he's being dropped off at our house tonight after the fair. Riley thinks he should be painted pink and blue. I said we need to give that some serious thought. I think he is temporarily going to reside off the path, in the woods. 
Now I know I probably should have put a quarter or something next to this guy so you could see how big he really his.  Riley studied him, on the back of one of the exhibitors tents and said he looked like a giant mosquito.
She wasn't far from wrong.  That's what a lot of people think but he's a Crane Fly. Apparently, quite common along all Mill streams. 
All in all it's been one of those lovely, lazy, bright, beautiful days just enjoying each other's company.

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  1. What a wonderful day..........glorious joys at every turn in the day.......especially the one with you and Riley in the sunflowers.....blessings. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart