Thursday, August 15, 2013

Indiana Bea

Those of you that have opened a closed outside, table umbrella know what you are looking at. Well, most of you.
Brown bats.
Actually there were three of them on the inside of my bright red umbrella.
I didn't open with this picture because not everybody shares my enjoyment of bats. I turned the photo around so you could see his cute little face and ears. 
Do you have any idea how many BUGS these three little guys will eat?  All those nasty biting bugs that bite the baby?
They had a little bit of trouble waking up. I watched the one closest to me shiver and stretch before he finally launched himself off of the umbrella. I know it was too early for them but I wanted some pictures so wakey, wakey.
My Sports setting on my camera did a really good job of following this guy around in circles.  They fly at amazing speeds and until they seem to get their bearings they fly around and around where they had been hanging out.
This is the Little Brown Bat.  Sounds like the title to a children's story. He really didn't want to wake up. Love the ears.

I worked in the yard for six hours today. I haven't had energy like that for a long time. Maybe right after my knee surgeries. I finished the garden bed by the driveway. I had two Red Twig Dogwood bushes to plant.  Actually, I got them back in spring and just hadn't gotten around to actually clearing out the long neglected bed and digging the holes for them.
Now, all the brush, weeds and debris are gone, the existing bushes are trimmed, the new ones planted, the in the wrong spot Phlox is moved and the bed is mulched. Not a small task.
While loading the tractor bed with mulch, which by the way 15 pitchforks is my limit, at a time, I ran into two of these.
The first one I pitched into the cart without realizing he was in the pile of mulch. He poked his head up and slithered up the side of the cart and jumped out. I watched him wind his way across the lawn back to the back side of the mulch. He eats earthworms not people. And, my guys hadn't grown quite this large. This picture from the Internet shows one about four feet long. Mine were more along the foot size. I'm not sure the Hawks and Owls actually let any around here get that big.
A little Northern Red bellied snake was in the fourth or fifth trip to the mulch pile. I saw him dangling off the end of the pitchfork. I gave him a free toss to the back side of the pile.
I will admit that I am fine with them, from a distance, even a short distance but I wouldn't like one to slide across my foot or sit down next to a sleeping on, on a rock.
Who knew that gardening out here, could make you feel like Indiana Jones.
I have no choice but to work in the actual garden beds. The weather is gorgeous, low 70s, no wind, bright beautiful skies.
Makes you want to just lie down in the grass and just stare at them. Well, except for thinking about those escaping snakes.

And, moving on.............I read this morning that Macy's Department Store was complaining that their sales are down and profits are down and it's OUR FAULT.  We the consumer's aren't buying enough stuff. 
Here's a thought, Macy's.

How about you actually go out and see what the consumer's in your area are like. Who has the disposable money these days? What size are these people in the different areas where you have stores?
You know if you actually offered practical, correct size, fashionable, assorted colors of larger women clothing you might make some sales. Oh, yes, you didn't want to think about all the fat ladies coming into your store.  You want the image of well heeled, buff, trophy like women, perhaps?
Time for a reality check department stores.
If the US has a weight problem as all the news outlets continue to tell us, then your shoppers are overweight. Do you really think that teenagers and single thin women are going to keep your stores floating?
Make a decent t-shirt for a size 22. Yes, that's right, size 22.
The fashion industry is the one that has put those numbers on sizes and made anybody that wears am 18 or higher feel badly.
Make the damn t-shirt so it doesn't BLEED when washed. Make the sleeves longer, maybe 3/4 which for most women hide the upper arm which for most of us isn't firm and cute like a 22 year old's.
Then give us a selection of necklines. I never wear a jewel neck collar. I look better in a v-neck but for heaven's sake don't cut it so low that everybody in the market gets to see my cleavage.
Give me an option of colors. I don't wear fall colors, I look sick in olive green and black. I come back to life in pink and turquoise. 
I know how the buyers are the ones to decide on what's going to be in fashion this season. I know they tend to buy their favorite colors. But, that doesn't work anymore in a slow economy.
If you want me to buy your products then start making them in the US. Start making them for actual women of that size.
Stop making clothing for larger women that look like old lady clothing.
If I want baggy I'll buy in the men's department.
Don't use materials that stretch and are tight for women of a certain size. We have rolls. They don't go away in tight stretch material they just get captured and layered and look terrible.

I know you can't do everything about your sales help. It would be nice if they understood that they are there to SERVE the customer. That coming up to a person and saying "Hello, how can I help you?", when the said person is bending down to pick out ink cartridges for their printer probably isn't the best time to say it. If I needed your help you would have seen me waving my arms at you. When I am bent over there is no way in Pudaka that I am going to straighten up to answer you, then bend down again to finish what I was doing.

BUT, you can stock things that your consumers need and want and not just things you want them to buy. Give me decent clothing that doesn't shrink, bleed, fits me well and I'll be back. Give me some fun things. I'm a fun person.
Give me a selection of items that work with my skin and hair coloring. 

And, for goodness sake stop whining about your low sales.
I've dropped a size, I need new clothes, get busy.

Ok, it's off to the gym. Have a great day. You know the drill, do something, anything creative today. Just to keep that side of your brain active. Let's light up those synapses!



  1. I love bats! And hear hear about Macys! And PLEASE give me a decent tee shirt that doesn't come out of the washer five inches shorter than it was after you wash it the first time (in cold water)! And you are so right - the colors they are disgusting! AND the prices!

  2. Hi Bea,
    I enjoyed seeing your snakes and bats but I'm glad you got close enough to photograph them, not me! I know they are good for the garden and all but....
    To add to the clothes issue...I'm really sick of buying clothes that look great until I wash them. They shrink and wrinkle up and never fit right again. I wish you could buy clothes made with decent fabrics designed to last more than a month....jeesh! So, you too have a good creative day and maybe the fashion industry will get it right some day...maybe!

  3. I AGREE with everything you have identified about the big box stores like Macy's...their quality...the costs...real design created for more than one season's wear...well you totally understand. Now your bats are friends of mine...we do not have an umbrella but at dusk they swop down and eat many mosquitoes!!! Now the snakes...that can be a different story. I watch a special about the ever growing python population down in Florida...I do not want to live down there.

    I have been shopping at our Goodwill...I am finding great clothes for art making....and playing with my grands. I found a Coach Bag that appears to have very little use...I think I paid about $25.00 wow I felt like I was stealing it! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart