Wednesday, August 14, 2013

He's on the hunt!

He's on the hunt for a mate or so I've read.  He's wandering around our yard from pond to pool hoping to find another Black Jumping Salamander, to dance with. He has five toes if you look carefully. Most Salamanders have four. Guess that extra toe, like our thumbs, gives him an advantage, jumping from tree to tree if so inclined.

Although, he prefers to stay in moist, heavy dead leaf wooded areas. We've got those. He like streams, ponds and apparently our pool.

They aren't sure but scientists think that he can live up to 12 years. They know that ones kept in captivity live longer.
He's not particularly tasty to eat so most large predators tend to leave him alone. He will release a smelly, sticky, unpleasant slime if he's threatened. 
The first time he showed up swimming in the pool, John fished him out with the net and walked him over to the pond.  What he usually does with his frog rescue program.
Two or three days later he showed up again, swimming in the pool. It's a great place for a swim but I'm not sure the girls are showing up there buddy.
Back to the pond he went. He's really quite beautiful, very sleek. He does look a lot like a lizard but his closest relative is the frog or toad.
Thirteen years we've been here and this is a first time seeing this little guy.

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  1. He is a stunning little visitor....thank you for sharing. How about cutting a salamander use on well just about anything! Love you dearly! Ken is more tired than he lets on...we are about to go over for the next radiation treatment! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart