Friday, August 16, 2013

But, Grandpa, the way we came is behind us!

It's a beautiful night for Chasing the Sunset. Come on, let's take a ride. Put your windows down and smell the night air.
As Riley tells us, the night air smells like the farmer is spreading cow poop again.
Ladies, oh, Laddddddddddddies, ( said in my best Jerry Lewis imitation) turn around please, PICTURE TIME.
Well, not everybody was interested in having their picture taken.
We decided this must be a boy because he was all by himself in the field. Something to do with boys being rowdy.
I'm really a country girl, at heart.  I NEVER EVER get tired of seeing these beautiful rows of corn, in the field.
We had a discussion about Dead End Roads. We found a sign and actually drove down one just so Riley would understand that Dead End meant the road stopped and you couldn't go any further. She was intrigued by the word.
And, these majestic old Burr Oaks. 

Now here's something that stopped the car and had me out on their lawn, taking pictures.

Ok, these are just wild. Have you ever seen these before?
If I'm not mistaken they match the picture I found on the Internet of Jack-O-Lantern, orange clump mushrooms.
From the back seat we hear, "Grandpa, I'm tired, let's go home now."
The sun was going down but no clouds in the sky so little color. We assured Riley we were headed home. And, from the back seat we heard again, "But, Grandpa, the way we came is behind us?

Spot on, Riley.

:)Bea, and to all a goodnight.


  1. What a beautiful post..........I love the looking back....the way we came is behind us! Peace, Mary helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Great post. Riley is so cute. Wow those mushrooms are cool. My dad used to tell us when we smelled the cattle poop, thats money you smell. Lol.