Friday, July 05, 2013

Quality time with the grandchildren,

I'm having a great time with the family this week. Took Hayden and her girlfriend down to State Street on Wednesday morning. We were hitting Ragstock with the intention of buying something "funky".
Ragstock, started in Minneapolis but the girls hadn't heard about it. It's a great place to buy cheap funky clothes, retro clothes, kimonos, etc. 

One thing I had forgotten is that newly turned 13 year old girls, in this day and age don't really want to look different from one another.

So there is Grammy encouraging them to find something FUNKY to add to their wardrobe and there they are looking and trying on conservative things.


Finally, they got the message and picked out these skin tight pants that had black and shiny silver swirls up and down them. 

Ok, maybe not quite the direction I was going but they were funky and they did look cute.

The problem is that they both bought the SAME THINGS. THEY LOOKED LIKE TWINS!!!!

Oh well, they haven't found their look yet. We'll take the trip down again next year and see what happens.

Then we stopped at our first Tea Shop and had Smoothies with Pearls. According to the girls, the Pearls tasted like bubbles. No taste, kinda weird and after about a dozen of them you felt kinda funny in your stomach.

I had my Chai tea. No pearls, no bubbles, no problems.

Yesterday, I spend time with my middle grandson, Hunter.  We took our annual trip to Barnes & Knoble to look for three reading books.

Let me digress here for a moment. When I was five I got my library card and my mother would drop me off at the library for an hour or so while she ran errands.  That was back in the day when parents were a tad less protective of their young and you could leave a little person some place. Well, at least my mother believed that.

The library had a HUGE children's room with a wonderful old building smell, the book smell and lovely, sturdy, little wood table and chairs for little people to sit at and look at books.  They also had huge old church like windows with window seats and smelly old cushions. A resident cat completed the picture, snoring happily on a window seat cushion.
I loved that room.  I worked my way methodically from one row of book shelves around the room, reading what I could while I was there and taking out my five additional books for home reading.

Which is why there is probably, not a book I won't throw in my bookbag, at the library and take home. I might not get past the first chapter but I will give it a shot. I love to read.

Hunter and I wandered round the children's section at B & K and looked at rows of books for his age group.  He pointed out ones that he had read, which ones he really LOVED and then the great STUDY began. 

I found myself fascinated with the books that are being written now for his age group 7-12. Lots of really interesting subject matter. I saw adult book writers that had written books for kids and those seemed interesting. I found one book that looked like a good candidate for nightly chapter reading by Grandpa, next Christmas.

Yesterday, warm sunny weather and everybody was in the pool. We cooked out, got sunburned, laughed, played and all slept soundly. We heard the locals firing off their fireworks and Murphy shook long after the noise had stopped.

Today, it's another BEAUTIFUL day, some chores around the house, work on the deck, Sawyer and I are heading back downtown. I forgot something at the Art store and Sawyer would really like some art supplies for traveling in the car. 

Then this afternoon it's more pool time, making home made pizzas and a campfire at night. The mosquitoes are out big time now after all the rain we have had.

No workshop today. I do miss my time with my art buddies. Life is just a series of balancing acts. Time spent with a budding artist is very important too.

Have a creative day.


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  1. You have had a glorious day Bea....yes our grandchildren have a way to renewing what is actually happening in a 11 12 13 year old mind...fascinating. Enjoy the ride sweet I need to get to work "moving" is going to take a while...we have still had rain rain rain!! Peace, mary helen Fernandez Stewart