Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New artwork from the Studio.

FARM DREAMS, 11x14 wrapped canvas, acrylic, painted papers, monoprinting, mixed media, collage.

OLD WALL, 11x 14 wrapped canvas, acrylic and mixed media, collage.

Nothing ever looks quite like the original, close up but these photos are pretty close to the real thing.
I'm finishing up some pieces that I had started a while back and just didn't seem to have time to finish.

This makes six new pieces, this summer, something new to put in the Verona Public Library show in August.

The weather here, right now is so humid it's actually hard to even get a breath outside.  I let Murphy out at 4:00 this morning and couldn't wait to get back inside. John put the window air conditioner in the window of the lower level of the barn/Studio yesterday.  I think we are going to need it on Friday. 

I've had to start to drag hoses around again. With this heat and humidity and no rain everything is looking very tired. Sad to see things go from lush to tired so quickly. I've been deadheading and cutting back plants, hoping to give them a rest with this weather.

The Boston Clan arrives this Saturday and the Minnesota Clan, Saturday night. I will have the entire family here for one week!! I know it will go by very quickly so I need to get done all the busy work, householder work, etc. so that when they are here I can just enjoy them.

Rory is walking and Curran has gotten so big it's going to be fun to see all the cousins interacting with one another. Riley is so excited. She's hoping that Curran will want to sleep upstairs with her in one of the bunkbeds. I told her not to count on that to much since Rory might be scared if he isn't sleeping down with her. Riley's suggestion was that Rory sleep with her.  She said she could sleep against the wall so she wouldn't fall out of bed.

We'll see...........


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