Tuesday, July 09, 2013

New art from the studio.

I've been working S   L   O   W  L  Y  on some new pieces.  Despite the demands of being a householder and gardener I have managed to snatch bits and pieces of studio time to work on this, MY PRIVATE BAY, 11x16", an acrylic on canvas and framed.

LOS FLORES, 9 x 12", a dyed, stamped and painted textile piece.

SWEET HAVEN, 11x16",  Hand painted & stamped collage paper on a painted canvas, framed. From the journal pages of Sir Z'Corkey.

My family hasn't left me a lot to take to the Verona Library Show, in August. I appreciate them hanging my work and taking it home with them but it left me with just three pieces that I wasn't particularly thrilled about. Hopefully, now that I am back on track I can build up a selection that I have a better choice to display.

I was about to go out and cut the grass but I swallowed a nat, got attacked by the Swallow parents who are protecting a chick that seems to have fallen out of the nest and then it rained.

So, off I go to run some errands.

Have a creative day!



  1. Bea these new works are so wonderful in both their colors and compositions... they will be perfect for the August exhibit. I especially like the fabric stamped work...I could have a good time with embellishments and wild stitching on that one! We are enduring our 19 TH day of rain here with more thunderstorms arriving outside right now. Thank you for sharing your beautiful inspirational works. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Beautiful art work....peaceful!
    I don't think you were supposed to cut the grass.