Sunday, July 14, 2013

MEMO 4132/ to DIRECTOR from Z'bea, requesting an Employee Entrance Key


I arrived, this morning, at my normal punctual time of 9:00 BSMR. (Before Second Sun Rises) Despite the crowded transport conditions, of what used to be a very enjoyable jaunt, to my unpaid, volunteer position as Z'Corkey's Official Record Keeper, I arrived at the Zettiland Historical Society to find the employee entrance.... doors..... locked!

This is unacceptable.

First of all, I was unable to enjoy my container of tea this morning, on the transport because I was unable to sit in my favorite seat.
I stood directly in front of the young man,sitting in my favorite seat and tried to get eye contact, but he refused to lift his head.

He refused to vacate his seat for a elder. 

So, it was necessary for me to stand, hanging onto a hand holder, dangling from a pipe on the ceiling, of the transport. 

The silence on the transport car should have alerted him to the fact that something was amiss. The regulars all know THAT seat is my regular seat. He apparently was only tuned into the music coming from his ear buds. 

I'm afraid my large cloth satchel, umbrella, raincoat,(one must be prepared for the unexpected you know) all banged against his head for the duration of the ride. It is not easy to hang onto a pipe holding so many items.

I digress.

Once I realized that I would be unable to enter the building I decided to have my morning tea, from my container, in the Zettiland Historical Gardens.  
How it pleased my eyes to see the wonderful flora that Sir Z'Corkey has sent back to the Society, to be planted. 

Have you noticed how LARGE the insects are in the gardens? They seem to have grown.  Perhaps they find the nectar invigorating to their growth.

The pathway stone patterns are beautiful. Perhaps Walter, our PAID gardener could have laid them a tad smoother. If someone should stumble from tripping on a raised slab we could find ourselves in a large lawsuit.

The Tropical World Garden was certainly a delight. Although, I must say a few more benches spaced out at convenient intervals would have been appreciated. 

And to think that these plants have survived TIME TRAVEL and made their home here, in our gardens. Amazing. Perhaps, Walter could clip them back a bit, they seem to be growing at quite a fast rate. In fact,when I was studying the leaf color, close up, I think I actually saw them grow new leaves.

Do you think that human breath stimulates their growth?
I am sending this photo, I took with my Communication Band, I did not invest in the color model, which is why it is in B and W, so you could see the method that Walter has been using to irrigate the gardens. 

Totally unacceptable. 

This irresponsible flooding of the pathways and lower gardens makes for a very soggy mess. I squished my way to the pumping systems and turned it off. 

And, I will be submitting a cleaning and repair bill for my shoes. It was so squishy that I actually found myself starting to sink into the ground. I had to wrap my raincoat around a nearby tree branch to pull myself out.  I must admit the sucking sound as I pulled out my foot was rather scary. 

I will also be processing a cleaning request for my raincoat.

I am not one to tell people their jobs but I think a quiet word or two with Walter is needed. He seems a little lax in his gardening duties. 
I did wander over to his Office. I must say he has planted grasses that do quite a good job of concealing his work space. It was difficult to get through them until I found the pathway.

 I may have also damaged some of them as I needed to swing my satchel to clear the way.
I was hoping to find him and an extra set of keys so he could let me into the main building.

And, this Dear Sirs brings me to the point of this memo. 

Why does Walter have a spare key to the employee entrance to the main building?  He does not work inside the building. There is nothing he needs in the main building. It seems a tad inconvenient to make employees, unpaid or paid traipse through the gardens to find him, in order to get in the building. 
And, where was Z'buddion? He resides, in the building, it's his responsibility to see that the Zetti Homeland Historical Building is open to employees and volunteers at 9:00 SHARP.  He's the caretaker of the building for multiple heavens sake!

It was almost 10:00 BSMR by the time I arrived back at the Employee Entrance. The doors were open but to my surprise and utter confusion I have found a yellow sticky note, attached to my door, telling me that I was late to work and would be docked an hour from my pay.

I have not the energy, at this time, (I never did find a suitable bench for sitting down on and having my morning tea) to list any more suggestions. Perhaps your summer Intern is as scatter brained as mine. 

Perhaps she is unaware that I am an UNPAID, VOLUNTEER.
Perhaps she is just crackers.

Apparently, my Intern, and relation, snipped Rhinestones from Otto's work pants because she thought they were real diamonds. She left a Yellow Sticky Note that seems to have blamed me and now she has taken off somewhere for a sabbatical.

I don't mind her taking off I do mind her accusing me.  I find watching Otto walk away from my office with his sparkly Rhinestone on his hinder, quite enjoyable.

Oh, and I've noticed a run in my sturdy, Carmel hose, so I will be putting in a requisition slip for reimbursement for them, too.

That is all,

Z'bea, Volunteer and UNPAID keeper of Sir Zetti Corkey's Life and Times as a Time Traveler, in this time period and before and future and well you know the rest.
(First photograph is a picture from Walter's office of the layout of the gardens. It seems a little out of date. I can't really see where it looks like anything that I walked through this morning.)

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