Monday, July 08, 2013

LIFE JOURNAL ENTRY 39242-YR of the Small WOLF-10

Dear Journal,
We are taking a much needed break. At this particular juncture of the hallways, the light is still good and the smell tolerable. I have suggested to young Z'beatrice, my summer Intern, that if she wishes to get home for tea she should leave now. It appears she is going to stay with me. Frankly, that is quite fine with me. Sometimes there are things in these cages that get loose, things that rumble around in their crates and I could use the extra help if we have to lasso any of them back on the shelves.
I have found as we have walked this particular tunnel, Z'beatrice has little to say. She seems overwhelmed with the scope of these storage facilities. She also seems slightly concerned about the sounds she hears or thinks that she hears coming from unknown quarters.

On another note I am perplexed about the untied ribbon on Cage Number 14392. I distinctly remember tying a very special knot when I finished working in there. It was at the time I was studying the Girl scout Manual, that I had found on the bus ride, to work. I assume Girl Scouts are young women in training to be scouts for Time Travelers. I know Sir Corkey has hired a few to lead expeditions. I found the knot tying very informative. AND, I distinctly remember practicing, a Round Turn & Two Half Hitches knot, on that Cage door when I finished working in there.

I am proud to say that I had mastered the list of knots. There is no way that simply came undone.

So, who has been in that cage? Otto? Warren? I know the mail room is a rather dull and boring place to work but I didn't think they had the initiative to actually explore these lower levels.
I shall need to speak to them when we return.

Z'beatrice seems to have the idea that we shall be returning home this evening in time for supper having missed high tea. I have tried to explain to her that this is a rather long expedition and that we shall be traveling for a few days. I do wish she had brought her own toothbrush.
Luckily, I am prepared and in my kit I have extras of most everything except ......well, there really isn't any reason to go into that here.

It's time to move on. We have rested enough and have eaten our protein bars. A swig of water and then off we go. Until later, dear diary.

With great dedication,

(Reposted from 2010 by request of a small handful of Z'bea followers)

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  1. Carry on sweet Z BEA>>>>enjoy the journey. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart