Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just put a cherry on top and call me happy!

Ok, I admit that perhaps that isn't the BEST lead in photo.
No wait, it's a GREAT lead in photo.  I feel as good as that looks.
Saw the doctor today, got officially weighed, that the kind where even if you just went to the bathroom, emptied out all your pockets, took off your shoes, watch and wedding ring you still showed that you LOST WEIGHT!
I'm OFFICIALLY down 24 pounds with what clothing I had to leave on.
I had my blood taken and a panel for this and that done and lo and behold all the numbers, mind you ALL OF THE NUMBERS for the everything were in the normal range. Blood pressure was 111 over 60 and she enquired if I was still alive. That's nurse humor I think.
I feel great. I mean I feel like I did when I got those new knees. And, yet with all the new found energy I still am far behind on my chores. What's up with that?

So, unless I'm not paying attention when I'm driving and seat dancing when I should be watching the road I think I'm good for a little bit longer.  Don't light the match yet.

Riley and I went swimming tonight. The pool was 91 degrees. 91 degrees in Wisconsin!!!! It's supposed to drop down to the mid 80s tomorrow and the weekend. The water was like a warm bath. No shock value when you got in but certainly not cooling anybody off.

I did get the lawn in the back cut.  Ran out of gas so I had to wait to do the front, came back to move the tractor over to the driveway to fill it and the belt seems to have come off AGAIN so I couldn't cut anything.  It's so frustrating. I don't do anything that could cause it on my end. If I didn't have a handy dandy person around to get down and crawl under it and fix it I don't know what I would do. 

Well, I did get the back cut and it looks nice. I got a good sweat going which has to help in some way. I didn't work on any tan, don't do that anymore.

I've got the Art Ladies coming tomorrow.  We'll be working on making masks.  They are going to be on our Introduction Wall for next March's show at the Senior Center. I'm thinking big, flashy, lots of sparklie things and feathers. Lots of feathers.

Then after they leave I need to get the downstairs ready for the Boston Clan.  They arrive in the morning of Saturday.
Minnesota Clan arrives late, in the evening, very late. I wish everybody could stay longer but at least I get a week with all of them. I'm so excited to see how much Curran and Rory have grown.

Well, hopefully the weather will be nice, everybody will play nicely with each other and the Swallow parents will stop dive bombing everybody that comes near the nest.
The babies are actually out of the nest and flying around, I think for flying lessons and catching their meals but they all come back during the day and sit in the nest. It's so funny to see six birds squishing together in the nest. 

I was out sweeping the porch when they came back from a dip in the pond.  They were all up in the nesting platform preening and stretching their wings. That makes a total of 18 new Swallows this year, from our nesting platforms. One built a nest but never seemed to do anything with it.

Ok, it's time to go work on reading with Riley. She's learning with Toad and Frog, an old friendly beginner book. Hunter picked it out for her and told me that he and Sawyer learned to read from it.

Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you have had a creative week. There's still tomorrow to do something creative. Well, heck there's the rest of your life, too.


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  1. Congrats on being healthier! I'm going to the doctor in a couple of weeks and not looking forward to it. I know I've been back-sliding and although my sugar was normal six months ago I'm not so sure it will be this time. ICK! Gotta get some gumption going here!