Saturday, July 06, 2013

Is it the Dog Days yet?

Nice hot day today, everybody is down at the pool. Murphy and I are staying inside for a bit. I finally gave in and turned on the ac. I can't imagine how people are dealing with the high heat out in Arizona and Nevada. Over 120 degrees? 90 degrees and I start to melt. My thoughts and meditations are being sent to those dealing with those impossibly high temperatures.

The Wren has been trying to entice a female to the Bluebird box, out front. He stuffed it full of nasty little pointed sticks and now he's been singing his head off. I hate to break it to him but the ladies are all off on holiday, in the woods.  All done, breeding, let it go. I did empty out the sticks. It may sound cruel but I don't want them to take up residency. They are quite nasty little birds when it comes to building their nests right on top of existing Bluebird nests. 

John says it's silly because he won't remember this box next year, that's why they use the reference "bird brains". Since, it seems like birds return to our yard that have nested here before, I'm not buying it that this Wren will forget about this nesting box.

My Lilies are in full bloom and gorgeous.  This seems to have been a good year for them.

It's also been a good year so far for the lightening bugs. Last night it looked like we were in Disney World with those wonderful twinkling lights draped over everything. I don't remember seeing so many Lightening Bugs out.

All the Swallows and Robins that nested on the front decks are done raising their families. Now, I get to take down the old nests and clean up the bird poop off the porches. A new Robin has decided to build a nest on one of the porch deck lights on the back deck. It happens to be the deck that John is replacing the deck boards.  She doesn't seem at all bothered by his hammering or sawing or even walking back and forth past her nest.

I haven't had a chance to peek in and see how many eggs she has.  I'm guessing four and she really doesn't have to sit on them right now, it's certainly hot enough to keep them nice and warm.

Time to take down lunch to the troops. All that playing in the water and sun makes for hungry little people and some big people, too.

Hope you are having a creative day.



  1. I'll tell you what we do in these temps in Nevada. We wear less, move around less, and place alms at the feet of the god of electricity...AKA NV Energy and pray for no rolling brownouts or outages! Now we are in a cooling period...we have dropped to the high 90s! We also thank our real God for our (ulually) low low humidity. However we just got more rain in a two hour period on the 4th of July than we have gotten in the past two years!

  2. Whoops...I meant 'usually'

  3. Bea you have found a wonderful way to stay in and enjoy some peace and quiet. I am not sure why in this country we feel the need to stay constantly moving...standing still is essential for my journey. The humidity is what gets to me...I wear my cotton robe until shower time...and even then I have flashes ...then I type in the nude. Now there is a photo for your mind...I hope yo are smiling...I am. Peace, Mary helen
    p.s. Our computer is downstairs and KEN is upstairs :0)))!