Sunday, July 21, 2013

Blue and white, Madison

It's a beautiful day here is the Dairyland. This is one of my favorite views of the Capital, in Madison. The lake in front of the skyline is Monona Lake and right now James and Caitlin are running around the entire lake, about 12 miles, I think.
Tomorrow, they are telling us we will jump up to 90 degrees so today was the day to do the run.

As I was typing I noticed something out of the corner of my eye and it was a little fawn, staring in the window at me. Of course, the camera was across the room and I didn't want to move. Then the mother and the other twin came out of the woods and slowly made their way down the front hillside to the driveway. Just a beautiful sight to see in the morning. 

I was letting Murphy out at 6:00 this morning and while he was doing his ablutions the young Red Fox ran across the driveway from one woods to the other. I got Murphy back inside.  I'm not sure he would be a good meal for the fox but I'm not taking any chances. The fox is bigger than him.

I'm rather stumped about something.  One of my Zetti posts, the Memo to the Director has been getting constant page hits every day. I can't imagine where it got posted that this is happening. I know my normal readers and I know how many followers I have and this is beyond those numbers.
Now, I'm a little concerned about where it might have ended up that so many people are checking it out.  Nice but weird, you know?

There's a Turkey gobbling in the woods. Seems a little early for that.  John heard a Crane in the woods this morning too.
I know they nest in trees, nice to think we might have one nesting in the woods.

Somebody got into the new Robin's nest, on top of the deck lamp. The nest was hanging off to the side and the lamp was crooked like somebody had climbed on the roof and jumped on it.  I'm thinking a squirrel. I suspect she had four eggs in there.

The last brood of Swallows are doing their flight stunts then coming back to the nesting platform for rest, preening and just hanging out. They aren't quite a long and thin as the parents so it's easy to tell everybody apart. Plus, they aren't the best fliers yet. There seem to be six to a nest. Amazing how they all fit in there.

Waiting for the Minnesota clan to arrive.  Hayden's soccer team, the one that Justin and Shari coach, won the NATIONAL SOCCER TOURNAMENT. There last game, the semi-final was against a team from Alaska. Justin said he was just too bushed from the tournaments to make the drive down last night. Can't say I blame him.

I think I will put Curran and Riley on cookie making detail when I am done here. That will keep them occupied for a bit.

Remember creating isn't an option, it's something you have to do, for your well being.


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  1. We have seen two pair of fawns this weekend... the gift of those sweet eyes totally unaware that we are humans....what a wonderful weekend. I have my second surgery tomorrow at 7:45 ...early and yet so ready!!! Ken is doing well ...and I will try to put a small post on tonight. I know we have been very under a bit of stress lately... but tomorrow is looking better. Have a creative week sweet friend! peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart