Thursday, July 18, 2013


This post comes about because of a couple of things that came together the other day. First I received an email from a new reader of the blog that said she found it confusing to switch from my art postings and the blog posts about Zetti people. She was asking me if it would be possible for me to use the subject heading to just say what the post was about.

I got up and went and got my first cuppa of the day before I answered her email.

Dear Nadia,
I appreciate you stopping by my blog. I appreciate all my readers taking the time, out of their busy days, to see what is new in my world.

Yes, I write out of my studio, Dog In The Hole.  I write about what is going on around me, outside of the studio, my family, my gardens, my little town and I create what is inside of my head. The studio is me, Nadia.  It's also a physical building, a place where I create. And, I create a number of different kinds of things.

Some days, like today I need to comment on something, some days I want you, the reader, to ride along with me on a photo journey of "my neighborhood".

Some days, I need to write about Z'bea and her trials and tribulations at the Zettiland Homeland Historical Society.

Most of the time my blog posts require three minutes of your time, if that. Sometimes a little longer. I would hope that you have stopped by because you know that when you read the blog, you might smile, you might laugh outloud, or nod your head in agreement. Some days you might sigh and wish I had written more or less or about something else.

I write my blog because I enjoy it. It's not work for me. I know that friends and family, that are far away, are spending a little time with me. My grandchildren are getting a look inside Grammybea's head. Scary thought.

I could make your life a little easier Nadia and use the Heading or Subject line to clearly define what you are about to read. I won't.  I like my own headings. 

You will just have to skim the first couple of sentences and see if you want to be bothered to read more. That delete key is a wonderful thing.

I realize that not everything I post is in every body's comfort zone. Which brings me to the heading on this post, BE AUTHENTIC.

I ran across the quote the other day by a fellow artist. She was speaking to a group of students at an art fair.

"I would request that every artist in the group be authentic.
When you create art, when you go about your daily business, when you write, when you dance under twinkly lights.  WHAT IS YOUR PASSION?  If you have found that, you have found your authenticity."

How true.  

So, dear Nadia, what you read, in my blog are my various passions. They are all bits and pieces of the real me. The photography, the art work, the story writing, the comments about life and living it. Pure authentic Bea.

I'm sorry that you aren't interested in my little piece of Zetti world. I hope that you have enjoyed the photography?
I realize that you are only interested in what mixed media and fiber art I have produced. I can't help you sweetie. It's all wrapped up together. 

Now, time for another cuppa and on to another email.

And to all of you,

A big thank you for taking the time to stop by. Have a creative day! Figure out what YOUR PASSION is and then get to it. Above all BE AUTHENTIC, please, because it allows your soul to create.



  1. Well said. I sure hope Nadia will still join you and visit your blog, too. It's always entertaining, regardless the subject matter.

  2. Rock on sister...they will catch on real soon! Stay cool and Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Dear Bea,

    Please post more of whatever.

    Your friend,


  4. Clap clap clap! Bravo! Well stated...both for you and the Z'b! You go girls! What is not to love about sheer imagination dripping in ARTfully arranged words???