Monday, July 15, 2013

A note to put in my journal, later.

"Yain, tain, tether, mumph" I muttered to myself as I continued down the cement steps. My mind had been in the past, back to the summers I had spent with my Grand Uncle Zetti Corkey in the wilds of Alnoth. 
We stayed at an old stone cottage, while Z'Corkey culled the flocks of sheep, with his old friend Z'Williamian. 

I was fascinated with the sheep dogs and often followed the men just to watch the dogs in action. Z'Corkey had pushed his way into the center of the herd, hooked a ewe with his shepherds hook and was half dragging her out of the mass of bodies. "How many is that"? he shouted at me. "Jiggit and mumph", I shouted back. (That's 25, the number of sheep he would keep for the next year's flock. The rest being......well, let's say they wouldn't be around in winter)

Old memories, of wonderful times and yet they couldn't quite keep my mind from flitting back to my problems of today. 

I was quite upset. When arriving for work this morning I found another one of those blasted yellow, sticky notes on my office door.  This one TELLING me, not asking me, but TELLING me to report ASAP to the Director's office when I had arrived.

I am quite aware of what ASAP stands for and aghast that someone at the level of the Director would actually use it in a sentence. Well, it's not possible for me to return up those steps, four levels after having just climbed down them. 
"soon" will be when I've had a chance to collect myself, drink my tea, set my To Do List for the day in order and then, perhaps it will be "as possible" as it will to start that climb up again.

I know when I am feeling defeated when I begin to retreat to old memories of more pleasant times. I seem to be treading in molasses trying to keep some order, around me.

As I sat back in my comfy chair, one I had brought from home, to sip my tea, I realized that my biggest problem, at this moment was not the Director's directive but my missing Grand niece, Z'beatrice. 
I had received this missive from her, yesterday afternoon, when I arrived back at Great Aunt Martha's home. It was sitting in the silver tray, in the hallway. GAMartha was nowhere to be found, I suspect she went out to replenish her Coors Light inventory. I took the envelope to my room, I often sleep over to keep an eye on GAMartha. I occupy the Second Guest room, on the third floor. 
The one with the rather loud wallpaper.  I can't imagine what GAMartha was thinking of when she chose that paper.

I digress.

I took the envelope out of my satchel, poured another cup of tea and read the rather strange, picture postcard, that was inclosed, again.
I should say I attempted to read it. I had a hard time focusing on it last night and this morning it's not much better.

I can't understand why the Director feels the need to see me personally. Perhaps, he has finally come to his senses and found the allocation of money to have the elevator fixed.  Maybe, the anonymous note sent to the Board of Health about the lack of a bathroom in the Sub-basement Level 3 got him moving on having one installed?
Which ever one it is, surely he doesn't need to see me in person to announce it's progress.

I'm dressed in my office work clothes, certainly not suitable for having tea with the Director and surely if he has invited me to his office he would be offering me tea. I don't have time to go home and change.

I am perplexed about this as I am perplexed as to why my Grand niece, Z'beatrice should feel the need to steal Rhinestones from an old man's office pants and make her way to some Easter Island when she is supposed to be Interning with me, for the summer.

I can't imagine why she went. I find it hard to understand why 'Corkey thought GAMartha would be a good guardian of that young person and I am stupefied as to why I ended up with the charge of his ward.
And, frankly, this tea could use a shot of something so I am going down to the mailroom to see Otto, get a little snort of something that will boost my energy and only THEN can I think about climbing back up those steps ASAP.

To be continued, dear Journal,

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