Sunday, July 07, 2013

A little catch up of the last five days.

Some catching up to do for family and friends. First, here is the main part of Riley's Purple Pony Birthday cake.
A daughter of a client, day job nurse, hobby, making beautiful decorated cakes, made this for Riley.
Inside were layers of rainbow colored wonderful homemade cake.
We celebrated her birthday with the family when the MN clan arrived. The hair girls in the front are MaryAnn, Hayden's best friend, Hayden, then Riley, blocked by Hayden's head, Mama Mary, Aunt Shari, cousins Sawyer and Hunter, waiting patiently for her to blow our the candles and EAT THE CAKE.
Uncle Justin in the background and of course, Grandpa.
Aunt Shari playing store with Riley and her new cash register. Well, A. Shari is really registering STICKER SHOCK at the price of a jar of pickles in Riley's store.
There has been no stopping Riley in the pool these past few days. She moved on to proving to all the skeptical adults that she could, in fact, swim or doggie paddle to the deep end. She could turn around, hold her breath, go down to the bottom of the deep end, touch the bottom, swim back up to the surface and then on to the shallow end. She's got free pool swimming rights now as long as a grownup is in the pool with her.
She spent every waking moment in the water, diving and swimming under water, ate like a trooper and slept like the dead at the end of the day.
Got to love the sun and water to wear out a kid.
Sometimes it's hard to play water football if you don't actually get in the water.

There is nothing like having two 13 year old girls in the water. They kept us entertained with their antics.

Ok, I have to confess that I was in "Martha" mode this week. I have more energy than I have had in the last couple of years and I just dug in and produced meal after meal for the troops.  Usually, we go out to eat for at least one meal. Not this time.
We had Jerk chicken, Baby back Ribs, Tacos, Pancakes and biscuits all down by the pool, at the grill, dinner or breakfast. And, the water babies ate everything in sight. 
We managed to get the smallest water baby out, feed her, get her to take a nap on a cushion by the pool and watch her jump right back in to swim for a couple of more hours.
Dylan and Mommy came by to swim and share a meal. Usually, when the cousins are here, Riley stays in her room, here with us.  The cousins all sleep in the bunk beds that Grandpa made in Riley's room. 
On Saturday, a good friend of John's came over with his wife, daughter and son-in-law and their two preteen daughters. A spirited game of volleyball worked up an appetite for Hawaiian Chicken, salads, corn on the cob and brownies.
After dinner, where I didn't have any leftovers to tuck away in the refrigerator, there was a rousing game of Spikeball. You can only get this game, on line,  It's a fast paced game that required quick reflexes. It's the kind of game that might be hard for the smaller crowd but it's a great game for the beach or yard.
Well played Grandpa, Rob, Shari and Matt.

The Minnesota Clan left this morning to hopefully beat the rush home. It's a four and half hour drive in normal traffic and up to six hours with holiday traffic.
We appreciate them making the trip down to see us with four kids, two dogs and two adults in the van.

Riley didn't want to say goodbye to them. We had to reassure her that they would be back in two weeks and even more people would be coming to visit then.
Uncle James and Aunt Caitlin and her cousins, Curran and Rory will be visiting too.

John and I did some chores after everyone left, went out to dinner and then took in the Lone Ranger movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. John said anyone ten years old and a Johnny Depp fan would love it. I guess that's me!

Ok, time for bed. I'm caught up on the laundry. The dishes are all put away. I don't really have a lot of left overs in the refrigerator which is rather nice.

Oh, and with all the cooking and food around I still managed to lose another pound which brings me to 21 pounds lost and hopefully never found again.

Tomorrow they are telling us chance of showers, which we could use and 90 degree temperatures which we could do without.

Now, I need to sleep well, have colorful dreams and 
wake up tomorrow.



  1. Looks like a wonderful holiday. Glad to hear about your continued energy and weight loss. Hooray!!

  2. Bea you really out did yourself... the food...the entertainments...the pool and the beautiful rainbow birthday cake. I am delighted to be able to see all our your festivities. I found out I am having cataract surgery in the very near future. I knew my left eye was compromised but it seems that both eyes are in need of repair. Lupus is a thief in the night and with ken procedures due to start next sister may come up to drive us around...but we need more information before the panic sets in. Happy family Bea. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart